Sunday, March 15, 2009

At the end of the day

Well thats it the end of the Ranger techniques days and what a fab time we had. We covered paint effects , shimmer and shines, spritzing, Distress and ink techniques, alcohol inks and even learnt all about Claudine Helmuth's new Studio Line.. The ladies were fab, just like little sponges soaking up all the information.. They were a pleasure to teach, and seeing as they are all champing at the bit for more, I have been instructed to arrange techniques weekend Part 2.

Here we all are at the end. How knackered do we all look...?? lol

So L-R Sue, Wendy and Glynis.

Maggie and Jen
Sarah and Sharon

Sue and Annaliese

Cal and Jane

And Ben's girlfriend , the lovely Katie.

I am now going for a long lie down...!! lol xx


Anneliese said...

I've never slept so well as I did last night lol .. we had the most fabulous of weekends & learnt so many new things ..totally totally ebjoyed myself! Thanks Dyan ..can't wait for the next one :D x

Carole Bryson said...

Woo hooo - fab photos !

Brilliant weekend, I really can't put into words how much I enjoyed myself. Loved everything about it, and have been raving about you Dyan in school all today. I think we're ALL coming on the next one !

Thanks again for an amazing and inspiring weekend.

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