Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New workshop and birthday blues

Well brace yourselves this is a big one lol. First I need to tell you about a new workshop planned for next Wednesday. It is one of the sneak peaks from yesterday, and you can book it HERE.
I loved making this and in the workshop you will be learning faux bleach inked backgrounds and be able to play with tons of the new Tim holtz stamps. Way to go. Sorry its short notice but I am waaaaaay behind as you have all gathered.

Now i know a few of you are concerned about my weird eating habits but it works ok for me. Here was my lovely birthday lunch. Anyone of a nervous disposition look away now lmao!!!

Anyway here's my birthday pressie to myself. Finally managed to slither my a**e back into my fave jeans .Yayy thank the lordy.

Look at the gorgeous Cath kidston bowling bag that the girlie's got me. I dropped one hint about this months ago and they remembered. They are the coolest aren't they. It is sooooo me.

As a reward I have given Emmi a more senior position. She is now in charge of the packing and pretty parcel wrapping department. She was not overly impressed as there is only her there anyway lol

Ben and Tom both provided me with the means to purchase many more of my beloved Northern Soul, and Ben's girlfriend Katie surprised me this evening with a gorgeous bouquet.

You know I have been complaining that I had lost my mojo, well Su seems to have found it for me.

Cool eh. Its a bag of Mojo sweets, lets see if they work!!

Look at some of the cards that the younger kids made for me. Awwww

This is a piccie of me and Andrew, aged 5. When I asked if we were holding hands he replied " not really but you keep trying" Hilarious or what?

Had a fabby class with the regulars tonight. I spent most of the evening in tears lol, but they gritted their teeth , did their best to ignore me, and hammered the Tim Holtz stamps to death. Normality is returning.
I feel at the moment like I have been delivered a new Sky package , not for the TV but for life. Unfortunately they seem to have sent me the HD package where every thing seems to have more definition. It all seems so raw and precise. I am sure I ordered the Sky+ plus version that had the pause and rewind buttons. I have tried complaining but seem to have been on hold for weeks now!! So what should I do ? Wait for Customer Services to eventually return my calls or make the most of a bad job? Yup you guessed it another one of my fave little sayings is called for.
"If you don't like it, change it.
If you cant change it,
Change your attitude"
Got home this evening to find this little bundle on the sofa.

Now that's what its all about, isn't it??

Priceless xx


JackiAnn said...

Hi Dyan
Have just read about your mam, so sorry for you. I know what you mean about your birthday being so close, I lost my grandma (who I was extremely close to, a second mam)at ll.45 pm the night before my birthday and the memory is always there every year but the memories are good. You will get to the day when you can think of your mam without crying and you will have all the lovely memories of her that will keep her in your heart. Thinking of you, will drop by to see you at papercraft show with a big hug and chocolate.
love and hugs
Jacki Dunning

Anneliese said...

love the picture of you & andrew ... the sentiment of you 'keep trying' to hold his hand is wonderful .. bless them lol :D

Debo said...

It's your party, you can cry if you want to...

(and your kids are stars!)

(happy birthday)

Annette said...

Just something to make you smile. Picture the scene. I'm reading your blog, got to the bit about the bag - fabulous or what!! - The OH looks over my shoulder and says "She's not going to eat all that is she!" MEN!

Michelle said...

What a Gorgeous little pet, She is so cute. :-)
Can't say the same for your lunch though.....as my nephew would say it's Scusting.
Still I hope you enjoyed it and your Birthday.
My Baby nearly shared your Birthday he was Due on the 10th but came on the 6th so he was 1 year old on Friday. Boy what a fast year!!! :-)
Your projects for the workshop look FAB!!!
Would love to go to one but I live in Ireland, maybe some day. :-)
Michelle xx

Mary said...

Would love to have come to the class next Wednesday but in Ireland again. Hope you will be doing another one as it looks fabulous.

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