Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gratitude for gifts

I,ve got lots of thank yous to say today. First of all big thank you to Maggie who came to the Ranger weekend for letting me have these lovely ATC's. Sorry I didn't have any left to trade.

Also big shout out to Cal who is a bit of a pocket dynamo and kept us laughing all weekend. She has written a stunning write up of the weekend on her blog. I am sooooo pleased that she enjoyed herself so much. She went a little mad and after playing with the Claudine Hellmuth paints only went and bought all 15.!!! She's played with them already and made a triptych canvas set as a pressie for her brother. Guess what of..!!! Ha ha you'll never, it is peas and mushrooms......l0l. Go look for yourself HERE Claudine herself has left a comment. Way to go Cal!!

Had a great workshop yesterday , making the fabby stamped Star Book. We seemed to laugh all the way through. We had a bit of a late start due to the appalling fog, but quickly picked up the pace. You can almost smell the concentration can't you ..? lol.

Suzy and her mum Jean can always be called upon to liven up a workshop, and to bring pretty shoes. Look at these beauties, How impractical are they...???

Raine didn't bring shoes this time, instead she appeared with a gorgeous altered handbag.

More thank yous to be said. Look at this gorgeous tag from Val. The saying is really meaningful, isn't it...?

And Raine (with help from daughter Emily) made me a stunning digital box and book of shoe quotes. How cool is that...?

ONE MORE SLEEP till the fabby dabby weekend. Yayy!! Here's some more sneaks.

Hope those of you who are coming are getting all fired up.

OK, its 1.32 am (yes Su I know I should be asleep lol) and I still have to paint my nails. I am a nightmare when doing my nails . I apply 6 coats altogether, lol.
1 x OPI nail strengthener ( one of my desert island products)
1 x Nails Inc base coat
2 x OPI Black polish ( Light My Sapphire - bought in bulk whenever I am in the States)
1 x coat Nails Inc topcoat
1 x coat OPI Chip Skip
Its always applied last thing at night and I have to go to sleep with my hands peeping out of the top of the duvet. Luckily I hardly move when I am asleep. But I keep thinking that one of these days I will wake up with the pillow stuck to my hand...!!!! If you think that's bad I also have the same routine for my toenails.

Well I,d better make a start as I have to be up at 6.30 to meet The Goddess at Asda for the mammoth weekend shop. Oh the joys..!!!! lmao. xx


borgqueen said...

Cool peas, mushrooms, paints, ATCs, bags, pink shoes (Suzy - she should have had you on the chair again!) and snippets of the fabby dabby weekend. Wish I was there to play too. Will have to console myself with my Claudine paints at home - brilliant purchase...;o)
Hope you all have a fabby dabby time and finally - yes - suggest earlier to bed please tonight!
Lots of love xx

Carole Bryson said...

I second the early night ... and there is noooo way I would be doing 6 layers of nail varnish on pinkies or toesies before I go to bed .... i'd end up stuck to the hubby - god forbid !!! Ha ha ha ... we'd end up like a pair of stuck book ends ... too funny !!

Thanks for your generous comments about my peas and mushrooms ... wait till ya see the salmon and strawberries !!! HA ha ha !

Catch ya soon matey - hugs 'n' snogs xxxxxxxxx

susie f said...

I knew it! I knew I'd have bloomin sock marks!!! That's it, next time I'm wearing the impratical things all bloody day :)
Have a great weekend (wish I was there) and we'll see you next sat!

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