Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

Well I need to work like mad now to get back on track. I have tons to do and I am way, way, way behind!!! Unfortunately the planned preview weekend, this weekend, will not be going ahead as there is nothing to preview lol. Need to pull my finger out. I think I will just have to preview each one on the blog as I do them.

Had lovely kids classes tonight, the first one ended up as a right mixed bag, with all doing different projects lol. They work a lot neater than the adults don't they...??

My trusty assistant Pam was in tonight and she brought me along a pressie she had made for me. Isn't it gorgeous??

Aren't I the lucky one...??
Lovely, lovely comments from lovely, lovely people.
My latest, new northern CD - Northern Soul from the Ritz at Brighouse.
My Art Journal, must cheaper than,alcohol, drugs and therapy!! And does a better job of easing the pain.
My HRT patches, things are bad enough without my hormones being all over the place. I think Ben and Emmi would resign if I didn't have them lol
M & S leggings, thank god for stretchy lycra.!!
The gorgeous smell of Lilies in my front room.
Tim Holtz's new stamps, how did I ever live without them??

Brazil nuts and tinned mackerel in tomato sauce (don't ask lol).
Hope you have things that rock your world today....... xx


Mary said...

Hi, I have been reading you blog and it has left me in tears everyday. I had a card for you but I had written the poem which you put on the blog so didn't send it. It is the most strange time when your Mother leaves you, you can't describe the feeling. I am so pleased you are back into your routine but you will find yourself suddenly thinking of her for no reason at all and going over all the things you shared. I am sorry I haven't been to a class, few crisis here but will be seeing you at the show for breakfast (it will be my first one) if I don't call before that. Thinking of you Mary ps couldn't remember what to do to leave message as I read the blog through my email, otherwise I would have been in touch earlier.
pps I love reading it, it's as if you are actually talking.

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
What a lovely Gift.
The classes look like great fun.
I would love to go to a workshop with you but I am too far away.(Ireland)
Maybe one day!!:-)

You are so right about the Tim Holts stamps. The Demo's on his blog are great also.

Sending you big Hugs and prayers,
Michelle xx

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Glad to see you have found a therapy, it cant get any worse so as you said onwards and upwards! the only way to go!

Strange you mention the ritz at brighouse, its 2 mins from me and my uncle a long long long time ago was a bouncer their!

Cant wait to see your previews, i have my card ready n waiting to flex at some class's! *cough* distress inks for noobs *cough*

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