Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wot?? No chicken!!!

The girlies came round for tea last night and decided they fancied chicken stir fry. Only one problem - no chicken!! So we swiftly decamped round to the supermarket where we unbelievably spent £78.00. How?? we only had a small trolley. Any way after checking the bill a few times we set off home ready to cook. Guess what ?? Oh yes - we had forgotten to buy any chicken!!! lmao. Now I can understand me forgetting, but the girlies!!! What excuse do they have??? lol. Any way we found some pork loin chops , diced them and fried them instead, not quite sure what the result would be.

Well it was absolutely gorgeous, a success all round.

The fabby dabby weekend is nearly upon us, so its time to start with a few sneak peaks.

Will show you more as the days go by.
Here's another journal page. Quite simple, but really effective. It says just what I want it to say. The background is Claudine Hellmuth paints. The stamps are all Tim's, and the handwritten sentiment is from one of his stamps as well.

Don't forget if you are enjoying the art journaling , then come and join in the fun at our workshops . We have the beginners Art Journals, where you actually make the journal from scratch, and learn the paint techniques. And we also have the intermediate Art Journal workshops. Once you have been on the beginners class you can slot into the intermediate class straight away.


flutterbycrafter said...

The food looks yum. Love the journal page.

Traceyr said...

I'd love to come to one of your workshops but I am too far away. boo hoo :)


hi hunny bun, think I may have cracked the blogging thing.... have text rung left messages, hope you are ok and coping well. Wish I was coming on the weekend!!

Speak soon, thinking of you

Lisa T

SueC said...

Hola Dyan
Wish I could come over to your classes as would love to know how to do journalling properly but my daughter is getting married in October so have to save away days and flights for her needs. Anyway, if you look on my blog you will see I have tagged you. Dare you take the challenge???
Hasta Sue in Spain xx

Carole Bryson said...

Hi Dy !

Not sure if you remember (a few days have passed) about me talking about the canvases I have been doing - well they're now on my blog if you want a nosy at them.

Hope you're having a good week. Take care. Hugs. Cal xx

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