Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a cool day!!

Yesterday was my bezzie Su (Yes she really is a professional woman!!) birthday party. Yes that's right she had a birthday party at Art from the Heart. How cool is that? A grown up birthday party. She turned 40 this year (oops just announced to all and sundry, sos Su lol) and decided that she wanted to spend the day with her closest friends doing the thing she loved the most- crafting

We made a fabby eclectic book using 7gypsies papers. We used lots of paint effects and decorated tags , pockets, envelopes and hidden surprises!! Al ot of the women attending were complete beginners and were terrified at the thought that they would have to produce something at the end of They were bribed along the day with plenty of refreshments, just look at the size of these muffins!!

We also celebrated with champagne, Although with hindsight maybe I should have waited until the book was nearly finished before letting them loose with alcohol!!!

I thought that the day was a fantastic idea and everyone , and I mean everyone, went away with a beautifully made album. Congratulations to you all.
Su has become one of my closest friends and I just love her to death. She has been fantastic to me these last few weeks and always seems to be there just when I need her. Happy birthday darling. xx
Couldn't resist this for shoe watch lol

Ooh we are so glamorous aren't we??? lmao

Today was a funny day as I am still struggling to find my motivation. I know its only early and that it takes time but, my usual way of coping with any crisis is to work like mad and block it out. Doesn't seem to be working this time. I,m floundering still and I, m not sure if that is a good or bad sign. Its bad cos I cant seem to get any further ahead with work. But at the same time maybe its a good thing I am not blocking it all out as would only have to face up to it sooner or later, wouldn't I? Maybe if I could get more than 3 hrs sleep a night I would cope better lol. All this time awake and no mojo. What a waste ha ha


Clare with paint in her hair said...

Hi Dyan, have you thought about trying some challenges to help that mojo come back? I know a fab challenge site that i think you will love, im too scared to enter anything myself but i often make something for the challenge!! They use 3 prompts and you can use all 3 or just 1. It is for adults only so anyone reading this dont load the page with kiddies around.

Anneliese said...

Can't think of a better way to spend a birthday :D .. sounds like you all had a great day !
We're coming to play this weekend .. can't wait !!!

Marie R said...

Sounds like you had a fabby time. A party at afth sounds like heaven!

The Crafts House said...

hang on in there, the mojo will return. The party looked like a lot of fun

borgqueen said...

Loved my party as did my friends - thank you for all your work in prep and patience with the lot of us!! - would def recommend and do every year / week / day ....
Clearly my boots win the 'when were you last sparkled competition'
X x X

Kirsty Wiseman said...

oh what fun Dy! Id have sent a card to Su had I of known... hope she has a great day/

Mario said...

Happy Birthday Su!! Hope you had a great birthday!!!

And for the final time they are not MUFFINS....they are CUPCAKES!!!

Diane.W. said...

Happy B'day Su!!! What a great B'day,spent with friends crafting & amazing muffins to boot,lol!!! ;O)x

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