Monday, March 30, 2009

Better late than never...!!

I know its late but here's day 2 of The Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza. We started with breakfast workshops again. Today was a lot calmer than the 29 students of Saturday and I didn't have to race around like a mad woman. Not sure if anyone could tell the difference though lol.

The lovely Georgina and her daughter Jo were on the class , and brought me a lovely candle for mum.

Talking of pressies, on Saturday Jackie brought me something to try and fill my "hole", lol

and Pat brought me a mug for the collection. Thanks all of you. xx

So here we go with shoe watch. Sue was devastated that she wasn't wearing nice shoes so sent me in a pic of her faves. How fab are they...???

These were forgotten from Sat ( thanks for the muffin and the card girls xx)
Jo has to go one better with snazzy tights as well, they,d last 2 mins with me lol.

Amanda was making a guest appearance on the Practical stand and had these little beauties to show.

Pink are always a big hit.

Sooooooo comfy looking.

Me and Kate, twinnies. How come mine look twice the size...??? Plus how come she got bigger ribbons. ?? Not happy...!!!

The gorgeous C & C were dressed for comfort.
And Steffi was as glamorous as always.

I have to say this is the only way to travel at a show...!!!

Here's some grunge, spritzed, painted and inked.

And more samples

Breakdown is always a nightmare, but we did it , with the help of bezzie Su, who came straight from the day job. Because as you all know "yes she is a professional woman"...
We decamped to mine for a welcoming cup of tea. We had a short debate about hitting the town and dancing the night away and quickly dismissed it lmao

And so to today. Hilarious...!!! That's all I can say. We came to unload the van , to find the lift was stuck on the 15 th floor, which is amazing as we only actually have 3 floors. lol. So how do you get a massive van load of fittings and stock up 4 flights of stairs. Answer is you cant , you just have to wait for the lift to be mended. But when is the 64 dollar question. Meanwhile visitors to the shop, be warned , it is practically empty. No sales counter, not a lot of stock, no till. Oops , sorry about that. Hopefully normality ( or as much as we can at ours ) will return asap. Fingers crossed. xx



borgqueen said...

nightmare re lift..... hope the lift fairies come and fix it in the night!
X x

thekathrynwheel said...

I got big ribbons 'cos i'm worth it ha ha ha ha! Fab show. You caused me to spend far too much as usual and now I'm mighty irritated that I have to go to work this week because I want to spray ink and make a mess! See you soon. Kate

Katy said...

Fabulous stand as alwyas Dyan, spent far too much ;)

I forgot to show you my shoes aswell *DOH*!!


Dylan said...

Hi u, u should have made yourself known to me, then I would have spotted your shoes me a pic and I,ll post them anyway.
Glad you loved the stand, sorry you spent too much, lol xx

Anne Essex said...

Is it possible to have shoe envy?
I love customer shoe watch and some of those shoes are to dye for; especially Sue's sunflower boots.

Anne E x

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