Saturday, March 28, 2009

Off and running!!

Well the day got off to a cracking start with the early breakfast workshops. As usual it was fast and frenzied and full of fun. I was ably assisted by my bezzie Su and the Goddess. Then its a mad dash round to get to the stand and demo as the rest of the customers pour in.
The Resident Bit of Glamour, The Goddess and the lovely Anita were our glamorous assistants of the day. Ben was kept busy on the till from the word go, which always ensures he is in a good mood.

Making a guest appearance on our stand was the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman, debuting her latest product, The Patti Picklicious Cd. I think this is her new demoing strategy!!!!!

It is a printables cd for card makers. It contains over 200 printable pages of papers, tags motifs and templates and it went down a storm.
I am slowly converting her to messy inky painty stuff ( its only taken me 3 yrs ) and even now I am concerned that she is just humouring me, lol. I made her a tag that she has promised me she will treasure for ever and ever and ever (yeah right).

Here's some more samples of what i was demoing. Dabbers, spritzers,pearls Distress, grunge. You name it I demoed it, lol

This is how it gets at the end of a long day, lol.
Bezzie Su came up with a good idea today, Customer Shoe watch. Just check this lot out!!

Loved, loved , loved these.

But these were my personal favourites.
If you are coming to the show tomorrow, get your best shoes on and come and see us.
We piled round to the girlies after for a Chinese. Not that we were up to much chatting. Imagine our horror when we discovered that the clocks go forward an hour tonight. WHAT!!!!!!! an hour less sleep, how could they do this to us. I only get about 2 hrs these days anyway, lol.

So I,ve taught, I,ve demoed, I,ve chatted, Ive educated, I,ve amused, I,ve inked, I,ve laughed, I,ve cried (of course), I,ve socialised, I,ve visited, I,ve eaten, I,ve shopped (Easter Eggs-Sainsburys-2 for £2), I,ve blogged, and now I,ve got to go cos I,ve passed out!!!
See you there tomorrow to do it all again xx


Anne Jagger said...

Twas lovely to see you Dyan, in my smaller pants!
Looking forward to coming to a class soon.
Lots of love Anne x

Paper Paradise said...

Poppin to see you tomorrow Dyan and Kirsty, Got the chance of a lift just a couple of hours ago so see you soon,

Sue xxx

Bee and Dee said...

Hi Dyan
Really enjoyed the work yesterday hope you have a great day today. This is Bee not dee

cannycrafter said...

Had a great day! It looked exhausting just watching you! Caroline x

Traceyr said...

Fab work Dyan, Harrogate too far for me to travel to are you planning to do Ally Pally this year? Of course after you have had a sleep. haha x

Carol Ann said...

Sounds a good time was had by all and some of those shoes were soooo coooool x

Marie R said...

Really miffed that I missed Harrogate but Deborah told me all about it and has promised to show me what you demo'd in the class which should be interesting!!!

By the way I hope you didn't laugh when she told you where I was although you'd have fallen about seeing me getting off the ski lift with Fran shouting 'run Mum'! They are supposed to slow it down for pedestrians but of course didn't bother! So it was a choice of trying to run or throwing myself face first to the ground!!!!

Hope you had a great time at the show

Love Marie x

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