Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The best ladies in the world.

Had a brilliant class today. It was the altered canvas. I was a bit worried about teaching this class, because I can only lead people by the hand so far and then its up to them. Everyone has a creative streak inside, its just a matter of finding it and bringing it to the surface. After collaging a canvas we applied glaze after glaze of Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Line paint. Now I know I go on about this paint but I really do love it. You can build up layer after layer of glazes without muddying the colours, and it is so packed with pigment that the canvas's take on a glowy ethereal quality. Although the class was intense I can honestly say that every ones canvas was indeed a work of art, even the beginners. I would have been proud to have created any of them. What always amazes me is that although they all start off with similar colours ( I only allow them to start with 2 lol) the end results could not differ more .

Ha ha , love a clean,tidy working area!!!

The lovely Jayne and Pat.

The lovely Ingrid and Anne.

The lovely Ann and Jan, newcomers who have now caught the bug

The lovely Pam (aka Kitchen Fairy) and Christine.

The lovely Pandora and Janet.

I know it was frightening at the time ladies but top marks for perseverance.

A couple of thank yous now. As you all know I love , love , love white lilies. So look at the size of this bunch from the lovely Pat. They were nearly bigger than her, lol, and are absolutely gorgeous.

And the lovely Jayne brought me this fabby mug which must have been made especially for me.

I,ve said it before and I will continue saying it. My ladies are the best. They are the kindest , thoughtful, understanding and enthusiastic bunch of women I could ever wish for. Thank you one and all.

And on to my regular Tues night ladies. What a crew we are, lol. Its more like a social and chinwag than anything. An open house with the kettle always on. Invariably there is always a crisis going on amongst the ranks , and sometimes its not me, lmao!!!! We have all become linked with each others lives and friendships have blossomed. Unfortunately not a lot of work seems to get done at times but, to be quite honest, I dont really think that's the point of it. Big hugs to Ali today , love ya lots.

I have decided to introduce them to the delights of silk painting. I had told them how therapeutic it was, but neglected to tell them how nerve racking the gutta outlining could be. Still they all rose to the challenge as you can see.

And hopefully this is what they should look like next week....!!
OK big appointment with the accountant this morn, need to get my business head kicked into gear. Oh the Joys...!!! xx


flutterbycrafter said...

The best day EVER. It was fantastic, really, really, loved it. As usual Dy you were very helpful with ideas and tips when things didn't go as I planned. A big thank you. Can't wait to do another one!!! Ann B

SueC said...

Hi Dyan
I just love silk painting...but there aren't enough hours in the day to do all you need to and want to!!!
I love the canvases your ladies made and as you say Claudine's paints are just gorgeous. Lucky them to play with such beautiful products.
I MUST try to get to one of your weekend workshops this year - you are so inspiring.
Big hugs Sue in Spain xx

Unknown said...

Hi Dyan

I have tagged you for all the inspiration that you give me in my daily life.

Thanks alot.

Emma xx

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