Thursday, December 18, 2008

Arent I a lucky girl??

Time to show you some pressies from lovely friends. First the lovely Lisa brought this along to Mr Pickles class for me. She made it herself , isn't it gorgeous???

It even came in its own little gift box complete with 7gypsies tag. How thoughtful is that?

Talking of 7gypsies, I have bad news. They have cancelled all their QVC shows both here and in the US, so that means I will not be doing the planned Feb show. I don't know their reasons behind it as we have had great success with the show, but I am just as disappointed as you.

I have been bezzie mates with the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman for quite a few years now, and I love her to death. She quite often gets some bad press but is one of the kindest, sweetest people that I know. She also happens to be an ace photographer, available for weddings, christenings and bahmitzvahs!!! She decided I needed some new promo shots and lets face it I do. I hate having photos done and just send in any old thing to all the magazines etc.
So the scene was set, my loading bay, astride a chair with spiky heels. Very edgy , very arty. And you know what ? I luuurve them!!! Hasn't she done a fabby dabby job.
I think they are perfect to go on the new Rusty Pickle Brass Knuckles paper . I will give you a preview of that tomorrow.

Oh by the way we have dates for Kirsty teaching at my studio.

Sun 18th Jan
Sun 8th Feb
Sun 8th Mar
The first class is 5 layouts, 5 techniques, and the other 2 will be announced at a later date (when we've worked out exactly what we are going to do lol

I have spent all evening putting up the Christmas tree and all the other decorations , so will be showing you tomorrow.


Kirsty Wiseman said...

PMSL at being available for weds, christs and Bahmitzvers (or however you spell it, I should know - our surname is Jewish!).
You look gorge in the picture Dy - they only work becuase you made them work.

Now - has that head been emptied yet?

And guess what? You know the word verification for your blog (before I post this?) The word is "Twatfurg". Charming

Dylan said...

I had that word verification put in especially for you sweetie hahaha.

Sharon said...

Love the new pictures Dyan, they are great.
I have finally decorated the wooden house I bought from you at Scrapattack. It is on my blog if you want a peep.

Lisa said...

You are very welcome - like I said, you give me the courage to try, so making this for you is the least I could do!!!

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