Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ooh hot men or snow men???

Hi , Just wanted to show you this before I scoot out the door. I have always had a thing about snowmen, absolutely love them. And before I became known for all my altered and techniquey work , I was actually a folk art painter!! Yes surprises everyone that does. It was soooo therapeutic to do, and I cant wait for it to come full circle and make a come back so I can teach and do it all again. And it will you mark my words. Well the run up to Christmas always included me painting as many snowmen as I could.

One of my favourites was onto wooden candlesticks, until I think I bought everyone left in the whole country, until now. Yay!! my little man has come up with these beauties.

They are perfect, so I am going to get painting again. Why don't you join me and have a go?? They are not on the website yet as Mr Unbribeable doesn't even know about them yet lol. But if you email me or add a comment to your order we can let you have them. They retail at £5.95, but be warned there are not many left after I have finished.
So tonight's dilemma, stay in and paint my beloved snow family in my comfy comfy nest of a lounge, or hit the town with a hot date?? Well take a look at tonight's promised shoe watch and have a guess.!!

High , black, stappy, shiny, gorgeous!!! And that's just the shoes lol. xx


ForgedinPaper said...

Shoes like that definitely need to hit the town! Although the snowmen are mega cute as well. Have a great time.

Marie R said...

Don't let Angela see these, she knows I hate snowmen, although I have to admit yours are very cute!

Anyway Angela has said she will send me a Christmas card with as many snowmen as she can fit on it!

Some friend she is! Great shoes by the way.

Bobs said...

I love the snowmen! They're so adorable!

However, the shoes are just to die for!!

Fab - U - lous!!


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