Sunday, December 14, 2008

Out with the old!!

Yes , the electricians came good, we have light ,heat and cups of tea. Woop woop!! So knowing that the party could po ahead with no problems then I could relax at home in the morning. Well I say relax, you know me!!!! lol. That involved , moving furniture, cleaning and getting the house ready for the great decorate tomorrow. Pelmets came down, new poles went up, Ooh its going to look lovely!! Only one more sleep and then the girls will be here and its all systems go.

The birthday party was great, I love the parties. Today we had a lovely family, 2 sisters sharing the same party. They made gorgeous decoupaged, shimmer mirrors. And the only time the lights went off was so we could light the candles for the cake!!

This evening I have been finishing off articles for a stamping supplement with the theme of Spring. Here's a few sneak peaks.

I havent use the orange and greens for a while but that's where I seem to be heading at the moment.

Shoe watch - Always make me smile this pair.

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Michelle Green said...

Loving the red platforms!

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