Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fine and Dandy - Yes Really!!

Ooh my last post caused a bit of a stir!! For all those of you who think that I am feeling all upset about this Christmas, please don't read too much into it!!! I was merely thinking out loud and just contemplating how different it Will be this year. That doesn't mean to say I wont enjoy it, just that it will be different. For a start "the most beautiful granddaughter in the world" is staying Christmas Eve and if that's not worth a million I don't know what is. Also Mr Unbribeable and his girlfriend Katie are going to stay over on Christmas Day night so that's the washing up sorted!!

Got news of a kit that will be available from Mon. Its the 12 days of Christmas Kit and its very limited. Its a mini book made up of pocket pages, each pocket holding a 12 days of Christmas tag. The idea is to take a photo on each of the 12 days and journal about it on the tag. They are really cool, and you end up with a lovely memento of Christmas 2008/09. Ben will prob get these in the shop tomorrow night but you will have to be really quick as there is already a big waiting list. If you cant wait , just email me to let me know you want one.

Next week there will be news of 2 more kits , One is Christmas, and one is Home, I just need to get all the instructions finished and they are done. They will be fab for Christmas presents wont they. Which reminds me, at this time of year we are inundated with requests for gift vouchers. These are always great for pressies and we get lots of hubbies ringing up. But please a word of warning , if hubbies order after 20th Dec there is no way of posting it out to you!!! Stan if you are listening that includes you lol.
Don't forget to check out Tim's blog today. Love , love , love this one!!!

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borgqueen said...

cant wait for the kits Dy - will keep me out of mischief over the hollies ;o)
glad you are getting the dishes done over you have any spare cooks in your houseful?
today was much better for me too apart from a slight wall reversing incident but hey ho worse things happen and it turns out my car is quite robust....thank goodness xx

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