Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mr Pickles visit.

Well he came on Tuesday bright and early. I was expecting him about 11.30 am , but at 9.45 I got a call to say he was there at the studio. I nearly fell off the ladder that I was stood at the top of, whilst finishing off the kitchen. So quick shower, brushing of teeth and lots of slap and we were ready to meet and greet.

The mornings class was a 6 x 12 album all done in black and white papers. The pace was fast, but the project neatly came together. 4 of the women all rang in to say they were delayed, which left me in the hilarious position of doing 4 kits at once!! Wierd to be on the other side of the table for once, but I tried to behave and pay attention. This was severly tested by being sat opposite "Hinge and Bracket", Kirsty and Jane. They kept having fits of giggles like naughty schoolgirls. The best was when they tried to sneak jaffa cakes. Expecting to be met with soft juicy sponge they stuffed them in their mouths whole. Imagine their surprise when they found out they were actually a crunchy version!! Heres when they got found out and nearly sprayed them across the table. Little tip if you ever find yourselves in a class with them , sit as far away as possible!!! lol

Heres some more pics

Remove Formatting from selection During the break Lance and I went into Harrogate to do some shopping. He and his wife Tash collect Porcelain dolls and he wanted a typically English one, which we found no prob. I then showed him the famous Betty,s tea rooms and he just had to have his phototaken outside. Unfortunately we didnt have time to go in, much to his disgust!!Remove Formatting from selection

Then it was time to head back to the studio for the 2nd workshop. This was a large christmassy album with papers from The White christmas range. This was a very fast paced class with great results.

And before you know it thats that for another year. Thanks Lance, see you next year.

If you missed out on the fun you can always play along yourself at home. W|e have 12 fifferent Rusty Pickle kits on the website now, Perfect as Xmas pressies!! Go click HERE because they wont last long at all!

Last for today cos its 2.45 am (oops) heres shoewatch,

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the latest range from Rusty pickle Brass knuckles, plus all other juicy tidbits.

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borgqueen said...

Lance's class was exhausting..i've never applied so much glue and tape in such a short period of time ;o) love my book though and looking forward to putting my stuff on the pages.
Respect to Lance but am afraid he's not replaced my fave teacher Dylan ;o)

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