Thursday, December 4, 2008

Here come the girls

fabby relaxy day. Finished all my work this morn and then played around in my house. I am in the middle of decorating and restyling ( sounds impressive eh??). As all the kids leave home so does half my house with them. So that coupled with the fact that I seem to live at the studio , has meant that my house has been feeling a bit neglected lately. It doesn't help that I seem to have lived in my bedroom for the last few years. Anyone with grown up children living at home will understand me completely!!! So I have decided now is the time to reclaim my house. Yes I am going to make it all gorgeous and cosy so that I actually want to venture into another room apart from my bedroom lol.

It helps that one of my bezzies, the gorgeous Liza T, is a fabulous interior designer. So with her bullying, sorry I meant to say assistance, work has begun!!! Of course I want to do the whole house at once, but we have narrowed it down to the main room. It is a large through room and will take some painting, but I have a plan. Oh yes, what are bezzies for if not to paint your living room for you lol. So I have bribed the , getting slimmer by the day, Kirsty Wiseman, and the OMG make me laugh until I cry Liza T into it. If they paint my living room with me, I,ll let them come on the Rusty Pickle class. Fair dos eh!!. Any way they,ve fallen for it and swallowed the bait so watch this space. I personally cant see the three of us getting much done, due to spending half of our time together crying from laughing so much, but its worth a go. Plus if they make a mess the Christmas deccies will always hide it lol. Mind you Kirsty is professing to be an expert after magnificently decorating her lounge whilst experiencing extreme conditions (namely decorating with her husband , not to be recommended and often cited in divorce courts), and Liza T is Kelly Hoppen trained ( ooh get her!!) so only the best for the Reaveley household. LMAO.

The colour scheme is chosen - dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate ( notice a theme yet??) and teal. Yes teal, that's what we,ve plumped for. And gazillions of cushions , its always the little things that make the biggest difference isn't it, and cushions always make a big impact. I love mixing textures up and the easiest way is with cushions. Here's some sneaky peeks, spot the recurring theme. Shame I,m not allowed to design any papers at the moment cos here's where I would have pulled my inspiration.

Liza T has also found me the perfect wallpaper. We are going to cover 2 large canvas,s with it as accents. I think its Laura Ashley, not sure, but I do know it is absolutely yummy. I have had sample after sample of wallpaper adorning my walls for approx 6 mths and have remained totally undecided and she just waltzes in with THE perfect one.

There have been a few complaints about missing shoe watch so I have some beauties for you tomorrow. Waltzed into Matalan with the intention of buying two suede chocolate brown lampshades and sashayed out with a pair of very high, very black very patent, very gladiatory, very fabuloso FM shoes. Not really sure how that happened but I suppose I could learn to live with it !! haha

Edit OMG you soooo need to check out this photo on the Sartorialist blog. It is soooo me. Black from head to foot. From a fabulous pea coat with the most wonderful buttons to the ubiquitous leggings and ballet flats. I know its not to everyones taste but I love it. Mr Holtz always laughs at me for dressing mainly in black as he says with my personality I should be dressed in rainbows!!! But I like it so I think I, ll continue lol


Sue Pinner said...

oh wow!! the look...cant wait to see the finished nest..have fun

juliaD said...

Hi Dyan,
Thanks for your last comments...I was completely okay, really, and it was good to think about what I love, and to feel more determined, after I thought it through ( what a gift to be given).. afterward to follow my artistic/ way.
I love the colour scheme you have picked out for your new decor!....Love choc and teal and the prints are great...!!!!Lucky you haveing such helpful friends.. mile..xx

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