Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rocking Dolly Parton

Yay!! What a find in Asda,s music section. Christmas CD,s at £3 each, yes £3 each. Now for someone who believes she was made for the job of Mrs Christmas this is indeed music to my ears. Plus I have the go ahead from Mr Unbribeable who allows me a small window to play them ( not before Dec 1st and not after the 25th). Every year I spend a fortune on all the latest ones and they are all the same, usually rubbish lol. But one of my £3 ones is going to be a firm favourite. It has a lot of the older songs on it and includes classics like Jim Reeves singing Marys Boy Child, Gloria Estefan singing Silent Night, and a great version of The Little Drummer Boy by one of my faves Johnny Cash. But whats really rocking me at the moment is Dolly Parton (yes you heard me correctly!!!) singing Hard Candy Christmas. Its about no matter how hard you feel Christmas may be this year, if you just get on with it in a happy frame of mind you will soon get thru it, and bounce right back!! This is the chorus

" I,ll be fine and dandy
Lord its like a hard candy Christmas
I,m barely getting through tomorrow
but still I wont let sorrow bring me way down."

This Christmas is going to be a weird one, It will be the first Christmas without my partner and best friend of 15 years. As if that's not tough I only have one of the kids still at home , they are all descending on Christmas Day , but its not the same with a half empty house on Christmas Eve. Plus they will all be leaving on the night to go home or to their partners parents. Now I am not wanting to moan but I cant help feeling how odd to go from a noisy household to this. Maybe I will feel better when I get all the decorations up after we have painted the room. But as Dolly says I,ll be fine and dandy I,m sure!!!

Anyway you need to get yourselves to Asda and get the Cd. Its called Absolute Christmas and is an absolute steal.. Another beaut one is The Christmas Covers with a cracking version of White Christmas by Billy Idol.

And while you are in there grab a pair of these beauties. Again £3. Yayy

It is sooo cold and these are great for in the studio. Take note anyone coming this week and next that fingerless gloves and scarves are essential items of equipment lol. C,mon ladies you know my place is chilly at the best of times so why are you suddenly shocked when we are in the middle of a big freeze everywhere.?? Ha ha . Mind you I work you so hard sometimes that you have steam coming out!!


angie's blogspot said...

aww I'm sure you'll be fine Dyan,you'll have a great chrimbo, I work in asda and you know what we sell better than I do lol!

angie's blogspot said...

p.s. forgot to add I'm loving your articles in craft stamper and can't wait for the next issue with your stamp it's gorge!

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