Monday, December 29, 2008

Shes gonna kill me now, and sneak peeks

Well the Resident bit of Glamour turned 23, how did that happen?? She was over two weeks late when she was born , after lots of false starts, and so when she finally appeared one cold snowy night , I had had so much gas and air that I rang everyone to tell them that I had had a 3rd boy!! She then spent most of the first years of her life dressed in jeans and dungarees. Maybe that's why she is so glamorous now lol

She spent her birthday round at my mums. Mum has been really unwell over Christmas and has needed a lot of support and the girlies have practically moved in there so that she is never on her own. I love them so much and i am a very proud mama.

Here she is opening Maisie's masterpiece.

It is always unfortunate to have a Christmas birthday and so I always take great care over wrapping paper and cards , so that she feels really special.. I thought i had really cracked it this year with some fabulous glitter wrap. Maybe the clue was in the name, but I thought that the glitter would be embedded onto the paper. How wrong could you get?? I was covered in glitter, the studio was covered in glitter, the whole blooming house was covered in the stuff. I had glitter in places that I didn't know possible!! And then to top it off the blooming sellotape wouldn't stick and kept coming off. When you are trying to wrap a large antiquey mirror that can be really frustrating. Thanks M & S , but no thanks.

Everyone always thinks that Jay is really quiet! So I just thought I would share these pics of her on nights out.

Enough said yeah??

I have been working like mad on the new sample workshops for Jan/ Feb. Here's a few sneak peeks of unfinished samples

Cool eh , Dont tell Ben though!!


borgqueen said...

Samples look fab as does Jay ;o)
I bought the same kind of M&S paper for christmas gifts and ended up using black gaffer tape to secure my pressies. Very delicate ...not!
Gaffer tape is good for verruccas too, just incase anyone wanted to know!?

Dylan said...

Now why does it not surprise me that you had black gaffer tape handy?? Was it in the vase cupboard??lmao xx

Sharon said...

Love the sneek peeks!!
Happy birthday to Jay too, she really is very glamorous too. There is one photo in your post that is so alike you.

Caroline Lovett said...

Love the samples Dyan, well done you, you must have worked very hard over Christmas. Love Maisie's tutorial, a craft queen in the making! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. x

Caroline Lovett said...

Looks like you have been very busy over Christmas getting all the samples ready. Loved Maisies tutorial, craft queen in the making there! Happy New Year to all, C.

angie's blogspot said...

Hi Dyan I would just like to wish you and your family all the beast for 2009, and your Jay is stunning!xxxx

Katy said...

I adore those sneak peeks Dyan look lush!! :)

Happy New Year


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