Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let there be light - Please!!

You know when you just think that the day cant get any worse and then it does?? Yup today was one of them days. It started when I got to work this morning to find the corridor absolutely flooded. My studio is in a really old factory and the roof has always been really dodgy and so when it rains bad it quite often rains in , but unfortunately never in the same place twice!! It really poured it down all night so I knew there would be a bit of a problem, but jeez, I could have swum breast stroke down our corridor. Shoe watch could very nearly have been a pair of flippers!! I waded through opened the doors rushed through to get the mop and fell a**e over t*t on another puddle inside. The box of re-inkers, sprays and powders shot into the air and ,I swear down , landed in every single corner of the studio. Luckily not one of the glass bottles ,that the dye re inkers come in, smashed. Can you imagine if they had. So there I am flat on my back soaking wet in a puddle, lmao - not!! Had to sit on the radiator to dry my bottom out.

Well class started and was going really well until the first person came to use the toilet and we discovered that the light didn't work. Now this caused a prob as obviously you cant go for a wee in the dark and you cant leave the door open as its opposite the shop door!!. So one emergency call to my good mate E, who whizzed around to sort us out. It was then we discovered that the water had somehow got into the fan and light so had tripped it. Job sorted , bladders eased we got back to work, when suddenly, no electric at all. No lights, no music, no heaters, nothing , zilch zammo!! Emergency lighting came on so we all decamped to the corridor where we still had lights.

I checked all fuse boxes and nothing tripped so had to ring E again. Well no leccy meant no phone and as reception in the studio is terrible all phone calls had to be made in the middle of the car park whilst still belting it down with rain - lovely. Well out he came but couldn't work it out. I meanwhile kept very calm . Did I eckerslike!! Jeez all I could think was "how am I gonna teach? And what am I gonna say to the kids who were coming to a birthday party tomorrow?"
We were running around the building like headless chickens trying to come up with a solution. We realised it wasn't just me , all the stairwells and most of the other units were out as well. Couldnt get hold of the landlords agent so nothing for it but to call out NYED. Okay only a 4 hr wait, great.

Ladies abandoned class, Dy sits in cold and dark Awwww altogether now. Suddenly brainwave, checking all the supplies in we found that leccy was in fact going to one of the units in the building that is used for storage only. Now this happens to belong to a friend of mine, so with a quick " hello, how are you, can I borrow your electricity supply?", the deed was done , I have lights , heating , phone and more important - kettles lol. She meanwhile is left with nothing, what a pal, Julie I luuurve you lots.

Electric board finally arrived, and promptly decided that it wasn't anything to do with them, sorry and all that - ye sure!!. So after hanging around for 4 hrs no further forward , but at least I had obtained borrowed electricity!! nothing for it but to decamp home where Mr Unbribeable and his girlfriend The Lovely Katie were coming for tea. Lovely scrummy Sunday dinner type meal courtesy of Marks and Spencers and Ben's culinary skills. He then showed me how to use the Sky Plus that I never watch. We had to change the batteries in the remote which promptly stopped working!!!! How can a 7 wk old remote stop working when you put new batteries in??? And yes before you ask they are in the right way round duh! So that's it I finally decide to watch a bit of telly and I cant even change the channel. Nightmare as it was stuck on the X factor channel, and it just makes me cry, not sure if its cos I cant believe this is what I was reduced to watching lol. Have to admit though she ain't half one cracking singer , but not quite sure why she was wearing a table cloth on stage.

So that's it the day cant possibly get any worse, can it?? Not taking any chances , decamping to bed, gonna wait for the morning and round two of the electricians saga.

Just heard that my art journal has finally landed in America 5 wks after it was posted, whats all that about then???


juliaD said...

Hi DYan,
by the time I finished reading all that happened to you, I was I'm sure you were by it all...hope things are better now...Julia.

Sharon said...

Aw Dyan what a day to have. Hope you get back to normal next week.
PS I love the XFactor but I do agree about Alexandria's dress - It wouldn't have surprised me if something fell out of the side that shouldn't!! LOL

thekathrynwheel said...

I will never moan about being cold at your workshops again!! I now know things could be a lot worse
:-) Kate

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