Friday, December 19, 2008

Deck the walls

Its all up, the tree the deccies and the festive cheer. Oh yes it was dragged out of the loft for its annual airing a little later than usual this year, due to the decorating frenzy. but its up and looking lovely. it seemed a shame when we have just decorated but now I,m loving it.

Maisie decided she should "help" Mama with the decorating and a fun time was had by all. Her main job was displaying one of my many nativity sets into the manger.

I have collected Christmas decorations for ever and ever and we just seem to run out of room every year lol

I feel happier now its nearly done, and it,s starting to feel a lot like Christmas, to quote Perry Como. Jim Reeves the Christmas album was playing , which always reminds me of my dad. I hope you are all starting to feel the Christmas spirit, even in these credit crunch times. I know lots of people are going to find it hard this year, but remember ,it,s not how we spend our money but how we spend our time!!


Kirsty Wiseman said...

oooh santas grotto or what? Its gorgeous :) Love lil maisie playing with the nativity :)

Todays word verufication is: EXUREA which sounds like you are saying "excuse me but I have diahorrea" really fast.


Marie R said...

It all looks beautiful Dyan and Maisie seems to be doing a good job with the crib. I bet you're excited having her stay on Christmas Eve.

It's just me and Roger this year. Our youngest, Fran, usually comes but she went to live in France last month so we'll have to make do with a phone call!!!! She's the manager of a hotel in a ski resort in the Alps on the French Italian border, but we are hoping to go and see her and no I will not be trying my hand at skiing!!!

Love to you and yours and have a magical Christmas. x

Bobs said...

It all looks so magical!
I luuuurrrrrve the Jim Reeves Christmas Album. My dear departed mum and dad always used to play it at Christmas time when my big sis and I were kiddypops .... and whenever I hear a song from it, I'm instantly transported back to my childhood!

As I say - magical!


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