Friday, December 5, 2008


Snow still lingering so worked from home again today. Read that as actually did bugger all!!! lol. Got furniture delivered this morning , got giddy. Got taken out to to lunch, got emotional! Went bowling tonight, got my own back ha ha. For weeks now I have been told that I was sooooooo gonna get my ass kicked at ten pin bowling, and guess what I won 7 - 3. Yes I will just repeat that 7 - 3. Yay!! I am the championeeeee bowler. Bejeezez I played like a pro. It is usually all fluke and by the third game I have usually gone to pot, but no tonight was definitely my night. We kept on playing game after game to give him the chance to whup me as promised but to no avail. But I am so gonna kill tomorrow. My bowling arm is hurting just typing this lol, and I daren't think about how bad the backs of my legs will feel in the morning. But hopefully the euphoria of a little girlie thrashing a big man will carry me through. I wont name and shame him but " you know who you are" lol


Bobs said...

Yay - well done to you!!

I love 10-pin bowling - win or lose it doesn't matter much (although it's better to win!), I just love playing!



Dylan said...

Thanks darling. It was very satisfying to win, but had a great time as well!!! lol

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