Saturday, December 27, 2008

Birthday tutorial by the littlest Reaveley

I woke up suddenly in a mad panic, thoughts whirring through my head. It was cold, it was pitch black. What time was it.?? I switched on the lamp to find it was 4.26 am. What could possibly have caused me to be awake at this hour?? Ha ha I had suddenly realised that there was less than a week to go until preview weekend. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! What was I thinking having it so close to Christmas. So I lay there for the next 2 hours agonising over what to do . Would I be ready, should I cancel. In the end I got up, had my first cuppa pf the day and headed straight into my studio at home ( Oh how I love saying that!!) There was only one thing for it, just get on with it!! So there I was 6.30am planning away. It seemed to work, I was full of inspiration and got loads done. Only prob is haven't quite got everything I need at home, so will have to make a trip into the real studio to replenish. Will pop in some sneak peeks as soon as I can, promise.

Had a little break to help " the most beautiful granddaughter in the world" make a birthday pressie for The Resident bit of Glamour. Yup Jay is 23 tomorrow and what more could she want than a flowery bookmark. As you can see from the photos it is all handmade by Maisie. I am training her up to take over from me in 20 yrs time lol.

Her favourite bit is always the gluing. But she even threaded the brads through the tiny holes herself.

So here it is Maisies step by step book mark.

1 Find a comfy position on Mamas knee. Pick your favourite colour of dabber (Sail Boat Blue by Ranger of course lol) and paint the tag.

2 Smother with as much glue as possible and add the flowers.

3 Add the brads through the centre of the flowers

4 Secure the brads on the back

5 Make a hole and thread ribbon through. Tie in a bow ( ask Mama for help with this one)

Front of the finished tag.

Back of the finished tag ( Some help needed with writing!!)

6 Stand back,look really pleased with yourself and admire your handiwork whilst looking as cute as possible

7 We then decided a birthday drawing was needed, so I started it off with a cup cake. Maisie quickly drew a whole party including streamers, balloons, sausages! and a snail eating the cup cake ( maybe I ought to cut her E numbers back down?)

8 Reward yourself with a big bowl of Vienetta.

Hope you enjoyed her tutorial as much as we enjoyed making it. Watch this space for more!!!! lol

Kirsty, does this next shot qualify as arty??? LMAO xx


Kirsty Wiseman said...

very arty, my darling but your hands and arms look monstrously scarey.
Love what Maisie moo made - she is such a sweet peach.
HB to Jay xx

Word verification today: Panduck
mmm, reminds me to get some new pans and a duck

Lynne said...

Well done Maisie, your tag is beautiful! I can't wait till I get my granddaughter to craft with, she is due any day now! Lynne

Katy said...

Love the tutorial, what a fab job Maisie did with that bookmark love it :)


tanya watts said...

it seems you have your followetr secured! she did well on this boorkmark, so cute!!!!
anyway! senior educator! have a wonderful New Year and loads of fun in 2009!
tanya watts, belgium

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