Monday, June 15, 2009

Journal Fever

Soooo where did all the rain come from..?? That's what I want to know.. I had to nip to town for a new T-square and came back drowned, lol. Needed a new one because I dropped the last one on the floor and smashed the end off. A T square is what I use to do all my cutting out of chipboard and so is vital, especially as tomorrows class has 19 pieces each ( and I wonder why my fingers are always blistered..). here are all the kits ready and waiting.
And here's some pics of the book

I was shattered when I finished class yesterday but I am really having trouble sleeping at the moment, so I thought I would do a little work in my bed. Now I have a massive bed, but you should have seen it... It was covered from one end to the other with art supplies. I don't know why I didn't just walk next door to the studio and work in there.!!

I finished off the canvas that I started in yesterdays class.I covered the canvas in Mustard Seed Distress ink and then I applied one of Tim's masks ( the clock). I sprayed the canvas with colourwash, wild plum and lettuce, I then splodged it around a bit ( technical term there girls, lol) with a baby wipe, adding and rubbing off as I felt like it.

The grunge board crown and wings were painted with Claudine's paints and accented with Glossy accents and Stickles. When dry I shaped them and heated them with a heat gun. The heat enables them to keep their shape.

I wrote the words on lined paper , inked them and stuck them on. I love the sprocket gears and game spinners from Tim's Idea-ology and put them on everything..

The image itself was cut from a fashion magazine and I added dye ink around the skirt and bodice. couldn't resist making 2 holes and tying some organza ribbon through to emulate the sash. I love it...

So that set me off on a mammoth art journal spree which continued all this morning.

There are the sprockets and spinners again.

Altogether I did 22 pages. Wow..!! How many, must have been on a roll. I really enjoyed myself event though a lot of what I journal about is very painful and personal to me. Just getting it down onto the paper really helps.
Here are 2 different sizes. I am working in 4 journals all at once at the moment and I just skip around between them, depending on my mood.
They are all handmade, with pages recycled from old newspapers. I prefer to hand make all my journals, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction working in a book created by me. I can do whatever size pages I like, as you can see I mix the sizes up all the time. I always use book rings as a closure so that pages can be moved around as and when I see fit.

I have 17 more pages to show you and I will feed some in throughout the week.
Enjoy xx


Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

Wow that is one busy busy bed at the moment! I love your art journalling, I use a spiral journal for mine but sometimes think it would be far easier to work with simply one page at a time. I went off to my Scrapbook class last night only to find it had been cancelled (assumed it was cancelled when only four of us turned up and the shop was shut LOL). So I came home a little frustrated and did a bit of journalling myself - definitely good for the soul! HOpe you're not too tired after your mammoth journalling journey!



Katy said...

Hi Dyan

Love your art journal and the previews for the workshop look gorgeous :)

Just a quick question I'm going to come over on Saturday for the Make and Take, do I just bring me and my shoes on the day?



Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Your journel is amazing.
You have been very busy.
I don't know where you get the time and the energy from.
You should bottle it and sell it.
I will be your first customer if you ever manage it. :-)
The flip book looks really good, and Maisie looks gorgeous as ever.
Would love to try one is it very complicated??
Would like to e-mail you and ask you a question.
Would that be possible?
Michelle xx

Dylan said...

Hi katy, just bring yourself, fabulous shoes of course, and your enthusiasm and you will fit right in. Tea making skills always get u extra brownie points though lmao.xx

Dylan said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for your lovely comments all the time, it is nice to know I inspire you..!! Email me any time, its xx

Michelle said...

Thanks Dyan,
Will e-mail you tomorrow.
It's getting a bit late now.
Michelle xx

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