Sunday, June 14, 2009

I can feel Ranger 3 coming on...

Day 2 got off to a flying start as we continued using the melt pot. Today we filled them with Black Ultra Thick Embossing powder. We started with faux soldering, by sandwiching a collage between 2 pieces of Memory Glass and dipping each side into the pot.

We then made moulds out of Mold n Pour, filled them with the ultra thick, let them harden and dusted them with pearl pigments.

And lastly we made these gorgeous frame pieces, by pouring the Ultra Thick into frames placed on Blonde Moments stamps and decorated with Pearl Pigments.
We then cleaned the Melt Pots out and filled them with Beeswax, both natural and clear.
Now you all know I have always loved beeswax and it was a great hit with the ladies as well. Here's some of the technique tags we made.
We then moved on to Tim's Grunge board and Claudines Studio Line to create these fun tags.

Then it was time to put everything they had learnt into action...!!!!! and make a canvas..
Despite the pouty lips and the cries of "ooh I cant.." they produced some stunning pieces. We had a mix of all the techniques, beeswax, masking tape , Ultra Thick, colour wash, masking and Grunge.
Here's the results...

Cool aren't they..??
Wanted to show you these ATC'S made by Glynis, who has no confidence at all in her abilities, and yet produced these beauties...They are gorgeous.. They are the first 4 Atc's she has ever made and generously gave them to the class. That was so lovely, i don't think I could have parted with my first lot.
Here's mine...The Mad Hatter... not sure what shes trying to say to me, do you...???? lmao

Here's the motley crew (ha ha ) saying their goodbyes after making me promise to organise part 3.

Mell and Glynis

Sue and Chris

Janee and Sue

Katie and Pam

And a group shot.

It was a bit of a standing joke over the weekend about Glynis's top. Its 15 years old and she hates it and finds herself wearing it all the time.

So I decided it was time to put her out of her misery and gave it a decent burial, lol...Let it rest in peace...
All in all we had a fabby weekend and if the pics have whetted your appetite then we have more weekends planned..See Here. They still have places available at the moment, so go check your diaries..

Ben was in today, as you know he doesn't trust me on the till..!! Not sure what was going on in this picture and I don't even know who took it, lol...I presume it was his other half, the lovely Katie.

He's a sweetie really, and as you can see he really appreciates my show of affection , lol...
Now lots of you have been really getting into my passion for Northern Soul, addictive isn't it..?? Found this little beauty in Asda the other day.. It has 4 cd's and was only £12.99, an absolute bargain, I think...

I am writing this whilst sat in the naughty corner, stuffing my face with bagels and chocolate. Ah well, tomorrows another day....
Enjoy xx


flutterbycrafter said...

Looks as though you all had a great time, you certainly produced some stunning works of art, wish I'd been there. Love Ann xx

sam21ski said...

Looks like everyone had a fab time, can't wait for Novembers workshop to arrive xxxx

Chris said...

Ooooh can I come and sit in the naughty corner too! LOL

Fab artwork ladies.

Roll on November...

Unknown said...

Cant make your charity day Dy but will put a donation in the post. Still not able to drive and tims working all day so Im not mobile at present. Have a fun day and good luck xx Janet

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