Saturday, June 13, 2009

Better luck this time..!!

Well so far tonight Blogger seems to be behaving itself so fingers crossed. I,m going to continue a little on the studio tour. Last week I started you in the corridors, and today I am taking you just inside the studio doors. Its a big studio so I can only do a bit at a time, lol...
This is whats on the back of the doors, loads more art.
I love this board , its easily one of my fave pieces of art.
To the left of the doors, through the arch is the main part of the shop, which is where Our Ben lives.
To the right of the doors there is a set of display shelves.

And lots of paper racks
Opposite the main doors we have the toilet, and yes as you expected it is decorated in our own imitable style. It used to look like the inside of a chocolate box ( yes really) but now we,ve gone a little bit Blonde Moments pink. Oh ok , we,ve gone a lot pink, lmao. Its more like a boudoir really..!!

To the left of the toilet is the display unit. Here is where you will find all the latest and upcoming classes, all displayed with information and dates.

Then comes the kitchen. No photo cos I couldn't get a decent one. But here's one of the shelves of cups.

To the left of the kitchen we have the Bazzill shelves. Oh yes every colour you can imagine...!!

That also leads into the studio itself, you can see a little peek through the gap. Just a little tease for now, lol...
So on to today's class. It is the mini Ranger 2 weekend. Preparations began ages ago , but Friday started with the usual early morning Asda for Me and the Goddess.
And there's more.... As a Yorkshire woman I would be mortified if there wasn't enough to eat so \I always go over the top, and you never know, it would always come in handy if there was ever a war, lol...
Not to mention the snacks.
Here they all are , hard at work
L - R Mel, Sue, Chris and Glynis.
Glynis, Sue, Katie, Jane and Pam ( kitchen fairy)

Do you think Chris is a bit squeamish about getting mucky...?? How fancy are they...??? My gynaecologist could do with those to brighten up the day.

We started the day with one of my favourite mediums, the Adirondack colour washes. These are fabulous dye based inks that are permanent when heat set, therefore suitable for all surfaces, card, canvas, fabric to name a few. We completed a tag book of techniques, and got incredibly mucky, love it..!!
Then we moved on to Ultra Thick embossing with the Blonde Moments range of 32 colours. Yes we have 32 colours now.

Again we completed a tag book. Techniques really are the best to learn.

We then moved on to the melt pot. First we used the clear Ultra thick powder with cookie cutters, to produce these beauties. Great aren't they..??

Here's a few I made earlier " a la Blue Peter"...
So that's today ended. I am sat in bed eating crumpets ( yes I know..!!) , drinking Baileys and listening to Les Miserables. Oooh I know how to live on a Saturday night don't I..?? lmao...
Tomorrow we are doing more melt pot, Beeswax, Claudine's canvas and Tim's Grunge.... See you then...
Enjoy xx


Katy said...

Thanks for the tour it looks fabulous Dyan!! :)

Loving the projects from this weekend they look gorgeous


Terri said...

What A Fantastic Shop!

susie f said...

Ok, that's it, am off to tap Mr Flintoff for cash to book myself on a weekend....wish me luck :)

Siobhan Brignull said...

hmmm, now where is it I need to casually mention to the husband would be a nice place to visit this summer, so that I can come and visit your scrummy shop, purely by accident off course, LOL

Unknown said...

I am loving your tours and so wish that I didn't live so far away.

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