Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lovely, lovely ladies

Ok here go, fingers crossed it will work tonight. So going back to Friday, we had a really busy day. I have a photo here that is hilarious and just sums up how I felt all day. Anyone of a nervous disposition look away now..
Yes that was me at the hairdressers. How you cry..!! Well after only the usual 2 hrs sleep, no make up, and 1 hrs crying, you too could look as good as this, lmao I have been toying with the idea of growing my hair again, it used to be really long and curly. But I get too impatient and because it is extremely thick it drives me mad, So the decision was made , I was having it all cut off again. Well the lovely Emma totally ignored me and just gave it a nice trim. telling me to stop bloody whinging and persevere a bit longer....!! I dunno you just cant get the same quality of hairdressers any more can you..??
Anyway the deed is done, but I,m not sure, looks a bit mumsy to me, a bit too grown up. What do you think. Its the type of do that I,ll probably have to look after and even brush maybe..!! I,m not sure if I,m ready for all that responsibility really..
Anyway then me and the Goddess had to fly round Asda for all the shopping. Books I had ordered for the weekend classes hadn't arrived so I had to make a totally new sample. We had to spring clean the studio AGAIN.. And then I had to remember to breathe and become calm ready to welcome the ladies.
What a lovely bunch they were, many had travelled for 4/5 hrs and so were tired, and lulled me into a false sense with their quietness.

They soon made up for it on Saturday with lots of cheek and backchat..!!! But I got my own back by working them extra hard and covering them in inks and paints. And by late afternoon the combination of hard work, fast pace, tiredness and calming Beeswax quietened them right down.

It was Mags birthday, so of course, we had to celebrate with a cake. Hilariously every time I lit the candles the fans blew them out. Ah well its the thought that counts.
One of my ladies , the lovely Ruth, won a raffle prize last weekend and as a thank you brought me in a calendar. Now most of you know I have no need whatsoever for a calendar because half the time I don't know what planet I,m on , never mind what day it is, lol. But this one is right up my street. Just take a ganders...

Holy Makeroly...!!! I am sure I will find a need to check each day oin June veeeerrrrrrryyy carefully..!!
And I cant blooming wait till November...

Also got these from the lovely Maggie. Nearly all gone oops..!!

Sunday started a lot quieter with the garden canvas. Now for some reason everyone is always scared of their hand drawn vines, it has been known to reduce some to tears ( well almost, maybe a quick-k snivel..!!) but not this lot, oh no. They were fab and got onto it with real enthusiasm and not much moaning. What normally takes me an hour of tuition and praise and coercion was over and done in 30. Way to go ladies..!! Don't they look proud..???
All too soon the weekend is over and its time for the sad goodbyes.
Heres Chris , Pauline ( who was soooo excited I thought she might burst ) and Jackie.

Maggie and Mags

Claire and Janet

and Sonia and Gina

So that's it , the end of another fabulous weekend. The next one is Ranger 1 and is filling up fast. Christmas fabby dabby in Nov is nearly full and January half full so don't leave it too late.
Right I am now going to stuff my face with whatever I can find and then pass out from exhaustion.
Enjoy xx


InkyArtitude said...

Well I for one lurrrve the longer look and like your hairdresser, think it's going to be worth a bit more perseverance. Not that I didn't like the short chic look, but you know what they say... a change is as good as.... etc! (Sez she with the same old same old for the last 4 years - just longer).
Looks like another fab workshop! Have a well earned rest Dyan.
Lynn x

Sandra Hall said...

Oh Yes Dyan,you've got to persevere with the hair! It frames your face beautifully! You can do it!
Busy weekend again then, sounds like you had a great time.
Love Sandra x

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Love the new Hair, it really suits you. :-)
I keep mine really short, don't have the patience to grow it.
Looks like you had great fun at the workshops.
I love the Garden Canvases.
Would never be able to draw those vines though.
Hope you have a good sleep.
Sounds like you need it.
I really don't know where you get the energy.
Michelle xx

sam21ski said...

WOW Looks like everyone had a fab time, can't wait for the November one to come - excitin' in it!!!!!

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Thanks for the awesome weekend Dyan, and not forgetting the kitchen fairy, i need to borrow her some time!!

angie's blogspot said...

sorry but I beg to differ, I think short, choppy pixie style hair suits you better Dy, I'm having the same dilema at the moment, growing it but not sure bought it, but it can be chopped off lol. x

Mell said...

Loving the new hair x

Jazzy1972 said...

Love the new hairdo! Looks like the ladies all had fun too. Jay xx

thekathrynwheel said...

The hair doesn't look Mumsy - the colour keeps it looking funky :-) I'm with you on the thick hair problem - I have enough hair for at least 3 people!! Love the firman calendar. I used to have one like that hanging on the back of my loo door. Made going to the toilet a real treat hee hee x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

no good, it has to be short...short with a scmancy scarf

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