Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh yes, the results..!!

So here we go with all the winners from Saturday's fabulous charity day.

First prize of the signed stamp case from Tim Holtz was won by Pat Osborne.

Large Blonde Moments set - Collected on the day by Ruth

Rusty Pickle Pop Album kit - Michelle Long (inkfairy)

Elsies Scrapbooking challenge book - Pat Fernandez

Smaller Blonde Moments set - collected on the day by Ali

4 Archival ink pads - Fiona Perkins (Macduff)

grunge board set - collected on the day by Pandora

Dyans sample album in tin - Jill

7gypsies set - collected on the day by Lynne Leahy

Full set of Distress stickles - collected on the day by Helen Binks

Thank you to all who bought tickets. Please email me with your address details, Fiona and Michelle.

Chocolate lady's gorgeous box full of cupcakes went in a separate draw and was won by Pandora

Which leaves us with the glamorous shoe award.

We scanned through all the pictures taken on the day and couldn't decide between two pairs, so we dragged Jay in to give her opinion. It was a good job we did because one of the aforementioned pairs were hers, lol. Talk about insider dealing..!! You have to admit they are rather gorgeous aren't they..?? And she only has a problem walking in them when shes sober, apparently..lmao..

So that leaves us with a clear winner. Only problem is we cant remember whose they are, lol. So if you recognise these bobby dazzlers or you are indeed the owner , please contact us, cos you are a winner.

The lovely Raine and her daughter, the gorgeous Ems were gutted that they couldn't make the day. Raines father was taken ill and they had to dash of to his. But they still played along and scoured the house for something to wear. Here's Raine in her mothers vintage shoes.

and here's Em's in her creations...Fabby...

I, as you know, rarely sleep these days but on Sat night I was gone by 9am, switched the alarm off at 7am and only woke when Tom came in at 11 am. 14 hrs...!!!! 14 hrs..??? that's about 4 days worth for me, lol. And I woke up absolutely starving, which never happens. So I hotfooted it down to the kitchen. I decided I couldn't eat until I had spring cleaned in there so set about with gusto. And clean I did, lol. Why is it that some days you just have to bottom everything. Every time you open a drawer you have to sort it. Outside of cooker , inside of cooker, top shelves bottom shelves, inside of washing machine???( yes I know, I,m a weirdo..!!! ), outside the bin, inside the bin, windows, blinds, I even cleaned the cleaning cupboard..!! I have all my brushes in a vintage jug on the window sill and gave it a good scrub. I was just admiring it and pondering how well it had done to last me all these years when , crack the handle came off in one hand, sliced a massive chunk out of the other hand and smashed clean in two on the floor. Unbelievable..!!
But worse than that the blood just gushed out and wouldn't stop. I was running around trying to find "the safe hiding spot" that Maisie had put the plasters in . After 10 mins I located them and attempted to cover the wound. By this time I looked as though I had been massacred with blood all the way up my arm. I went through 10 plasters in quick succession before it started to slow. This pic has got 3 plasters on and has really calmed down.

When it was finally slowing I turned to be met by a scene straight from the film Pyscho...!! There was blood everywhere. Dripping off surfaces, splattered across cupboard doors. On the walls, there was even some on the ceiling (don't ask, cos I don't know,lol)... So I had to start and clean all over again including the windows and blinds. You can imagine how I felt, cant you..??
Luckily I am the queen of having things in reserve, just in case there's a war, and got out these little beauties as replacements.
Aww, that's nice, yeah..?? I even went and cut some peonies from my garden. They look and smell gorgeous.

So 2 hrs after first entering the kitchen I was finally cooking something to eat. (Yes I do cook, even though I always joke that I only have a kitchen because it came free with the house..!!, I just cant be arsed most of the time,lol ) I decided to take it outside to eat, in the sun.. I sat amongst all my gorgeous pots and it was a little bit of heaven. Look how these have bloomed. You see, I,m not just a pretty face, pmsl..!!!

So there I am sitting all peacefully, lazily contemplating when my peace was noisily shattered by this apparition.
Out of nowhere came Spider man.
Oh yes..all the other little girls at the fete had their faces painted to look like butterflies or fairies. But not my Maisie. Oh no, nothing but Spider man for her. lol... I just cant think were she gets it from..!! Anyway she proved really useful in ridding my garden of all the baddies who I hadn't even realised were living there.

Performed a ritual banishing act on those remaining.

What do you mean, I have to wash it off eventually..??

This is what happened when I asked her for her prettiest little girl smile..!!
After she had departed I set to on the rest of the house. I was like a bat out of hell, lol. I love it when the whole place is sparkling , it really energises me..
This morning started with my fave, a big mug of creamy tea curled up in an armchair , in Starbucks. Not sure what it is about that place that I like really. Got to work raring to go and have ended up fannying around all day. Reps in and out, ( mind you , one of them is real top totty, so its always a pleasure, yayys), builders causing commotions, every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to sell me crap on the phone. So I am not actually quite sure what I have done today, apart from go a day backwards in an already pushed week. I have 2 large classes this week as well as the regular ones and I also have a fabby dabby weekend that needs prepping for. Oh and 2 deadlines for Christmas magazine articles. Hmm looks like its back to no sleeping..!!
Found time for a bit of a cry though. Well my days just wouldn't be the same at the moment without that, would it..?? This is what set me off this time, a delivery from Inter flora.
It was from the gorgeous Nickie and her beautiful family, Willie, Maria, Johanna, Grace and Ethan, all the way from New Zealand. For those who don't know Nickie used to work for me until she was so homesick that she hotfooted it back to her hometown. I miss her so much and I find it hard to keep in touch cos I always get so upset, lol. I think of her often and funnily enough was thinking at the demo day how much she would have enjoyed herself if she had been here. And then out of the blue comes this gorgeous arrangement and the floodgates opened again. I really don't know why I bother putting any makeup on at all these days..!!
At he time it was delivered I was actually messaging her on Face book which was a bit spooky. When Nickie left she bought me a set of 4 mugs that I use constantly. I have 2 here and 2 at home, and no one else is allowed to touch them. Here's a photo of one of them and when I look close you can see the face book message on the screen..!!

So there we go , I feel sure that you will all manage to get through this post without crying..!! Big apologies to all those who I had in tears, it is never intentional, honest. To tell you the truth when I write my blog I frequently forget that others are going to read it. How silly is that..?? I just open my mouth, out it comes and in it goes, with no real thought to the consequences.. Never did manage to master that " think before you open your gob" lark.. Ah well, it keeps Kleenex workers in a job..pmsl..
Enjoy xx


susie f said...

Hello you! Can't believe after 2 shoe changes I managed not to get my feets in any pics (oh well, next time!)
And I can't believe the interflora coincidence when you were just talking about her to me on Sat!! How spooky!
Keep your chin up hun, see you soon

Dylan said...

Ha ha , how do you think I feel after at least 8/9 changes.?? lol. Thanks again babe, you were ace. Hope you had a fabby night. xx

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Can't believe I won a prize.
Thank you so much. I will e-mail you my details.
How is your finger, It looks very sore!! poor you!!
I bet it didn't stop you journeling. :-)
Doesn't Masie look fab, she has such a great smile.
Your pots look amazing, I am hanging my head in shame.
I got loads of plants around the same time as you and I still haven't planted them.
I still have lots of lastyears which have somehow not died still waiting patiently for me to get my finger out.
Dare I say I'll do it tomorrow!!!
I had a mad fit of cleaning today, so anything is possible. :-)
Well done for saturday again.
Michelle xx

Sandra Hall said...

Hiya Dyan
Can't believe what you pack into your life! Been absent for a few days and when I catch up on your blog its like sitting through a whirlwind! Sorry to have missed Saturday - looks like you all had a fab time and raised so much for a worthy cause....all done in your inimitable style!
Big hugs, see you soon x

Siobhan Brignull said...

no crying today just a big wide smile at the crazy life you seem to lead, it might well be "the way you tell 'em!!!" Got all excitied over prizes even though didnt buy any tickets as only read post that said I could at 5pm on sat, a tad late me thinks, I was at work thats my excuse, have a great week and try not sleep it away, though it sounds like it did you good.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous flowers, hope your finger has stopped bleeding!! I am loving Jay's shoes :D


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