Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can you tell who it is ???

Busy, busy workshop today. It was the frame accordion album. I designed this quite a while ago and it is always a sell out. This time I used Savannah papers from 7gypsies and hardware from Idea-ology.

Gorgeous , if I say so myself, lol.
At the weekend when everyone was bringing in home baking we were a little inundated, and so I have been dishing it all out in the workshops in exchange for a donation to Carers Resource. And one cake stood head and shoulders above the rest. Everyone has been oohing and aahhing over it. It didn't look anything spectacular, just a plain sponge with icing on, but when I started to slice it - ooh I was in sniffing heaven. I don't eat cake but I could easily have munched on that one. So Giddy and Giddier, you were the culprits responsible, for "worlds best ever cake", and the recipe is needed pronto. Thanks babes.
Here's Ann testing it out. It was the only way we could get her to shut up today..!!
Here she is getting told off ( ha ha ) cant remember what for but it certainly seemed to amuse Ingrid.

L - R Mrs T, Marie and Sara.

Me, Pat, Liz ( who I insisted on calling her Val all day!!), Gill, Paula and Sue

Bhauna, Janet, Tara and me.

Bezzy Su was around somewhere as well.
Thought I would take some pics of the kids class as well.
L - R Amelia, Ellie, Hayley and Anne
Georgina, Katie, Claudia, Eden and Pam

Amelia was running the Race for Life tonight with her mum so had come all dressed up for it.

Here's a couple more art journal pages.
and I came across this the other day so thought you would like to see it. Awww don't we look sweet.

Do you think I,ve changed much..??

Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
The accordian album is fab.
Every time I see one of your workshops I get soooooo green with envy.
All of your ladies are so lucky to have you, but I'm sure they know that. :-)
Love the journel pages too.
I showed my Hubbie the pics of all the cupcakes yesterday.
Now he wants me to bake some.
Have no recipe, unless they are the same as queencakes??
Love the B&W pic.
You haven't changed a bit. :-)
Michelle xx

wendy vecchi said...

Still cute as ----...
Lady Dy!

Unknown said...

Fabulous piccies Dyan :) Hope you've caught up on some much needed sleep



sam21ski said...

You haven't changed much at all, apart from you looked all sweet and innocent then!!!!!


Siobhan Brignull said...

hiyA, that accordian frame is fabulous, not surprsed class always sells out, have a great weekend, should be quieter than last weeks

Kirsty Wiseman said...

you are the SPIT of your dad - the SPIT. And your emmy looks like your sister in that pic. Emmy as a girl of course and not emmy now. Freaky! PS: You still smile like that!

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