Friday, June 5, 2009

Unfortunate niggles..!!

I,ve had something milling around in my brain lately, niggling in my mind, so I need to talk about it. I have always felt that I am a very "sharing" person within the craft industry. I love to educate and pass on my knowledge to as many people as I can. I teach a lot of teachers in my workshops and have always said that I am happy for them to reteach my classes in return for a bit of acknowledgement. And the majority seem to. Whenever I teach a class that has been inspired by someone I always give credit. And if ever I teach a class designed by someone then I always buy their official class kits to teach with. And that's where the niggle is coming in. Its the term "designed by". Just lately I have seen a lot of workshops "designed by" me ,on others blogs. And it is more than I now feel comfortable with. Admittedly some people acknowledge me by saying, this is a class taught by Dyan. But it isn't just a class taught by me, it is "DESIGNED BY" me. And there is the difference. As you know I work extremely long hours and spend weeks designing the projects that I teach. A lot of care and preparation is involved and so it is a bit galling when someone attends my workshop and uses the finished sample to profit from teaching another workshop. That seems like a good deal, doesn't it..?? But you are only paying for learning the techniques and not for the design copyright and Intellectual Property. I have been in many a shop and website and seen my own samples there encouraging people to book on a workshop. Please, please, please will you respect all my effort, time, hard work and blood, sweat and tears that goes into them. I,m not saying don't use the ideas, I am merely saying please remake your samples so that they are your work and not mine, and remember always acknowledge people. What goes around comes around. As my workshops are copyrighted, we will be endeavouring to make class kits available later on in the year for tutors who require them. I,m sorry to have a grouch but as I,ve told you all before, this year, I need to say whats bugging me and not just suck it up.
As I quoted above "what goes around comes around", I thought I would give you a little example. I love the images available from Lisa' altered art and use them in my personal artwork. I decided to ask her if she would allow me to use them in my workshops, and I was over the moon when she gave her permission. I have used them in a few and told all my students where to get them from. I have also placed her site on the side bar. The result being she has been inundated with my ladies all acquiring images from her. She wrote me the most lovely email thanking me and asking if ever I needed any thing specific then just to let her know. Well as it happened I did. I have a beeswax article, at deadline, to finish, (ok I have a beeswax article, at deadline, TO START, lmao) and I really needed some bright kooky images. Well she came up trumps and provided me with her new Zetti images. And you know what, they are spot on. So thanks Patti xx and if you haven't discovered her fabby stuff yet then get yourselves on there tonight. But be warned, you will be like a kid in a sweet shop..!!!
And while I am acknowledging people, Ben came across this website earlier today. http://www.mjm-thearttart/ . Its got some cool stuff on it. She seems to specialise in selling down loadable pdf,s for DIY projects. Great idea. She worked in theatre design and her projects include a mini stage and a pirate ship. Anyway on her inspirations page amongst a lot of big, big names, she has included me. How nice of her is that..? I am really honoured to be there, so if any one knows her, please thank her for me.
Now here's a treat for shoe watch. The lovely Barbara aka Bee, came to one of my workshops a short while ago and has now set up her own blog. And look whats on there..

How cool are they..??? They started off white and have been painted, stamped, collaged and generally made absolutely fabulous. I think shes started something there. But as the lovely Sam pointed out to me there is a vital flaw in my plan. I have never owned a pair of white shoes in my life, lmao. Ahh well, the best laid plans..!!! Any way get yourself over to Barbaras blog to see how she did it. Oh and leave her some fabby bloggy comments as well.

Today was our Ben and the lovely Katies first year anniversary. They are out tonight for a meal at a Brazilian restaurant. Oooeer, I've never been to a Brazilian restaurant. Wonder what type of food they serve. Here is some peeks of a card I made to celebrate.

The workshops are absolutely flying out the door, and the Xmas Fabby Dabby weekend is over half full already. Isn't that frightening to think about Xmas now..?? Don't leave it too late to book yours. And if you go ONLINE you have got till midnight to get 10% off them.

Now I know I have reneged on my step by step project, but with the weeks sad events time has just run away with me. But don,t worry I haven't forgotten, honest.

Ha ha thought I would leave you with a stunningly gorgeous picture of me. Those of a nervous disposition, please look away now, lmao

Enjoy xx.


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
You are 100% right. I think anyone reading your blog and especially anyone who has been to your classes will know just how much work, time and love that goes into your work.You not only deserve full recognition, but also these people should have the respect and courtesy to ask for your permission.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Cant wait to see the magazine article.
Lisa's Altered Art is a great site, will look again tomorrow when I have more time.
Thanks for the link.
Michelle xx

Paper Paradise said...

Well said Dyan! Been there , done that. It takes HOURS and sometimes DAYS to design projects, especially books, frames etc. In fact on eof my customers even entered one of my designs she made in my class in a competition and won!!!!!! For the 8 plus years I have known you, you have been so sharing in everyway. You were invaluable to me when I set up Paper Paradise, giving me such a lot of help and encouragement which I value to this day. Hopefully you will feel better for mentioning your thoughts, (and you did it in a nice way) and people will realise the importance of copyright.
Sue x

ForgedinPaper said...

Funny I feel the same way about white shoes! But having seen what Barbara has done I'm tempted. I'll tell Michelle (MJM- the art tart) about the blog link she'll be very happy. Looking forward to what your doing in September and all that hard work is appreciated.

thekathrynwheel said...

Well said Dyan. Sharing is one thing but there is a BIG difference between taking inspiration or just copying (or even worse just taking). Kelly Rae says that copying is bad for your heart. Well done for giving a shout to Patti - I love her images and have been using them for ages. Can't access the other link on your blog tho and now you've got my interest. Can you try linking it again?

Katy said...

Hi Dyan, Reading your post I 100% agree with you, some people just do not think about the amount of time and effort you spend creating your fabby workshops and think they have the right to pinch ideas without doing any work for themselves!!

Anyway on a lighter note, I am loving Lisa's Altered Art, I will definitely be spending some pennies there :) Thanks for sharing the link.

Lots of hugz


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan!
Tis me, mjm-thearttart but please call me Michelle LOL! Thankyou so much for the mention, I was thrilled to get the email from Sonja today letting me know about it and do you know what? I've had sales this morning so double thankyou!!
You have always inspired me, a woman fighting hard in this business AND being successful at it and my admiration was conformed 100% when I bought my mum to one of your workshops last June, you unlocked a key for me on the path I was trying to follow and you were one of the inspirations to start my website!
Just one thing how do you find enough hours in a day to do all you do LOL I have a ton of things to update on the website and deadlines to meet but heh I guess finding time is never too hard when it's time to do the things you love!
As to the 'niggles' you are so right! We all love to share, that's part of what we do, but we all like a little love and credit for doing it!
Ok here endeth my mammoth post and I know I've alreday said it but I'll say it again thankyou Dyan ..... for everything!!
Big loves
Michelle x

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Backing you 100%, Everything you make is your own and no one has the right (without permission) to copy/teach it. Its so easy to forget that you spent hours making it, but making money off it and not even giving proper credit is just taking the mick. Anyone reading this that has done that should be very red faced and ringing you to apologize straight away.

Love lisa's altered art but i spent all my spending money with you this month!! so it will have to wait haha.

Annette said...

In total agreement here too - you put lots of time and effort into everything you design - and you are right to have niggles about people trying to pass off as their work.
Keep up the good work. BTW love the shoes - and Lisa's Altered Art site.

sam21ski said...

I totally agree, you are quite right to have a niggle about this issue.

I know how much work, time and effort Sue used to put into her workshops and I'm sure it's doubly the same for you.

If we don't share, we don't get to move on. So we should give credit and thanks to those people who help us develop and show us different techniques and help us to get better at what we like to do.

Totally support your cause - Sam xxx

Chris said...

I don't blame you for being upset about this, Dyan. I can only begin to imagine the amount of time, effort and work that goes into your classes.

My daughter had a pair of white shoes on today and I offered to alter them for her but she told me in no uncertain terms to buy my own from Primark for £4. LOL

Unknown said...

you tell em girl. It is annoying when people don't acknowledge where they get things from. I hope I do all of the time. Sometimes I forget but I put this on my blog as well.

Emma xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

Hi Dyan, feel free to download your niggles any time you want, as you are only voicing what everyone else is thinking, thanks for link to Lisa's altered art just back from spending on there. Keepsmiling, Siobhan

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