Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can you tell who it is yet...??

Ooh I,ve been a bad blogger these last two days. I just don't know where the time has gone to be honest. I am running around like the proverbial blue arsed fly, as usual. I get up in a morning with fabby intentions and then suddenly "poof" its 2 am. Has someone pressed the wrong button and sent my life into X16 fast forward..?? I have had lots of magazine deadlines, a restructuring of the business plan, The Ranger weekend to prep for, Planning for the demo day, cupcake stands to buy, Northern Soul dancing to do, ogling of builders ( just in case a fit one turns up), creating of many masterpieces, lots of blowing of snotty sniveling nose and the usual day to day running of a business and home. Apart from that I cant think where on earth the time may have gone..!!

So this weekend we have the Mini Ranger 2 weekend. Mini Ranger 1 was a great success and I am really looking forward to it. Topics this weekend include, colour wash, Ultra Thick Embossing , Melt Pot, Beeswax, Grunge and the new alcohol ink pens. YES they are finally here. Will get them filled up and played with as soon as and will report back. But we all know they are gonna be a must have don't we..??

I am also preparing for our demo day next Sat 20 th June. It is all to raise funds for Carers Society, a Charity that was very special to my mum. I will be demoing techniques all day, and we will have 3 make and take tables where you can be creative. There will also be a big raffle, with one of the prizes signed by Tim himself. Oh yes..!! There will be tea and cupcakes in abundance ( all contributions extremely welcome) . I,ll tell you more when its organised properly.

Need to show you these pages from one of my students art journals that she is doing at home. I just think they are fabby and looking at them you wouldn't believe that the lovely Katie is only 10 yrs of age.. Wish I could have done this at her age.

Maisie came to the studio today. She was looking gorgeous with her hair all braided, though not sure how Lucy got her to sit still for that length of time..

Of course she heads straight for something arty. Today it was pencils and drawing teddy bears. She gave me a quick crash course in that skill, for which I will be eternally grateful for..And as a big bonus she brought me and Ems a cupcake each. Yayy, I shall be sniffing that tomorrow..
After the drawing she discovered the Scotch tape. I use this tape all the time and she is always fascinated with it. She started off today by taping her mouth up.

Then one eye.

and another

We thought it would be funny to draw these on the pieces of tape.

And loved it so much we went a bit mad, lol

Only one thing missing, some ruby red lips. 2 Min's later and here's my little darling looking irresistibly gorgeous, don't you think..??

Now everyone is aware of one of my addictions. This is the severest of them all. My shoe addiction. I,ve tried to cut down, I,ve tried to go cold turkey, I,ve tried counselling and I,ve even tried HSHA ( high strappy heels anonymous ) all to no avail. I thought I was on the road to recovery , but today's binge just shows that I was obviously in denial. I am not gonna beat myself up about it and as Ems says "Mum just take it one day at a time, you can always start again tomorrow".. With that in mind I bought 3 pairs, lmao. Oops..
Well everyone needs a pair of Gladiator flats, don,t they..??

And you cant live without diamond encrusted, high heeled flip flops, surely..??

And this pair just sort of followed me home..!!

I can see these being a firm favourite already. Very high, very chunky and extremely bondage strappy. Everything a girl could wish for. So tomorrow can be cold turkey day..!!!
Enjoy xx


Sharon said...

Dyan I would love a peek inside your shoe cupboard!!

Chuckling to myself at Maisie's scotch tape antics!
very sweet! :-)

Siobhan Brignull said...

wow I dont know how you manage it all, have you seen any hunky builders yet!!!! love those journal pages and after a long depressing day your pictures of your granddaughter made me laugh oh and im loving those shoes, think the gladiator flats are my faves thought the bondage platforms could perhaps turn my head as well, hope you have a great weekend. Siobhan

Chris said...

Wow, what a talented young lady is Katie. That's a fantastic journal that she's made. Obviously has a good teacher. LOL

Maisie looks such fun to be with. I bet she brightens everyones day.

I think I like the flatties the best - the bondage platforms would turn my ankle never mind my head. LOL

Sue said...

Ooo I'm loving those high chunky bondage shoes! Are they Matalan? I already have the gladiator flats so I know that's where they came from ;)

Lovely journal by Katie, I'm very envious of her talent, and isn't Maisie is just the cutest lol.


DGgirl said...

Hi Dyan

Bit of a newbie to this blogging lark but tune in daily to yours. Was given an award recently and am bound to pass it on to you!!!


Debo said...

Wow - to the shoes!
Wow - to Maisie's pics!
Wow - to Katie! Are you sure she's only 10!!! I wish I had an ounce of her talent!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Missed you over the last few days.
You sure have been busy.
As usual Maisie is absolutly GORGEOUS :-)
Her scotch tape faces really made me laugh.
That young girls journal is incredable, are you sure she's only 10.
Would love to have a fraction of her talent.
Please pass on my congrats and admiration. Thanks.
Are you doing an article for Sommerset??
I had a dream that you are.
Yes now you and your artwork are in my dreams. lol!!!
Have a great inky weekend.
Michelle xx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

OMG - I love Maisie so much... i laughed out loud. believe me, I so need to laugh out loud at the mo.

Love the bondage heels, would cripple me of course so Id have to be weak and plum for the gladiator flatties.

miss you x

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