Monday, May 10, 2010

The ups and the downs of life....

Oh yes the hats are surviving the festivities.

Can you guess who had the honour!!!! of being the white rabbit today...?

No...???? Maybe this reknowned pose will help you all..

Ha ha , did you guess...??? How pissed off does she look...????? you see thats why shes one of my best bezzies... Kirsty you looked gorgeous and you are a little star...XXX  And , guess what she actually spent the whole day wearing it whilst teaching my mini workshops..!!!

The other fantabulous tutors were, The lurvley Mrs T

Pouty Marie

The lovely Katie

Here was the Golden teapot full of the chocolate currency you needed to gain admittance to a workshop.   The tutors were having a little competition to see who could collect the most coins. A good plan, severley thwarted by students eating them..!!!! lmao.

Yet again we had a fabulous turnout of hats. The first 2 travelled especially all the way from Lincloln.!!

Toni is a bit camera

I spent much of the mornig apologising for my attire and stating that I didn't actually dress like this normally... And then I realised, bugger me, I actually do...lmao... Minus the coat and flashing bow tie, of course.  Yes unfortunately I am often to be found unintentionally impersonating the Mad Hatter..!!!

We had a whale of a time oover the weekend and by the sounds of it so did all of you. Thankyou to all of you for making such a wonderful effort. We raised loads for my fave charity...Young Carers.. A big big thankyou to everyone who worked and helped out over the weekend, you are the frikkin, fabbiest, bestest peeps in the whole wide world... Mwah, mwah, mwah..XXX

These are the results of the raffle.

Set of my downloads     green 21 - Sue Cooper  n/c
decorated sleigh             white 223 - Marie   c
Tim's new book             white 41 - Margeret Walton n/c
decorated box with mini books    225 Mrs T   c
paper artsy stamps    224 Marie  c
journal kit and alphas   180 Belle  c
Memories box             182 - Belle   c
Tim,s paper pack         68 - Ruth   n/c
Art box                        47 - Lorna  n/c
Grunge boad alphas and bead chain    101 - Debbie  n/c
Paper Artsy minis         49 - Amanda  n/c
Heart wall hanging         187 - Belle.  c

Exciting news, that should have been today, but now slightly postponed until tomorrow, lol. 8 new download sheets, Yes I did say 8....I,ve been a busy beaver. I just got waylaid a bit with the final  touches...They will be on the website tomorrow, in this section  promise ya..!!!

On a more serious note I,ve had a real sad afternoon. It was the interrment of my Mum and Dads ashes. They have finally been laid to rest. My Dad hasn,t been with us for over 8 years, my Mum just didn,t want to be parted from him..!!  Its bad enough that it has taken 15 months to lay Mum to rest without raking up the emotions from 8 years ago. Their individual funerals were hard enough to endure. But seeing both of your parents placed in the ground at the same time was tortuous, and I wouldn,t wish it on anyone. I couldn,t bear to hang around so dipped out as soon as I could, and then felt guilty for it....and have ended up trying to fill that big empty hole inside me, with lots of crap...!!!!!! yup I know, I know, you don't need to have a go...!

Gonna leave you with a Jim Reeves song. I will never ever forget listening to my Mum singing this, with eyes filled with tears, to my Dad the night before he passed. He wasn,t conscious of anything, but I know he heard everyword she sang. they had a very turbulent and challenging relationship, but they stuck beside one another through thick and thin. And horrendous as it was it is nice that they are laid to rest together.

Night, night Mam

Night, night Dad

God Bless and Peace in head and heart  XXX



Darcy Marshall said...

Fab photos of a successful weekend, as always.

It must have been very hard to deal with the ashes, but they are no further away from you now than before. You carry them with you in your heart each and every day.

Chocolatey hugs, I bet your Mum and Dad are really proud of you Dyan...and no doubt they both had great hats on all weekend in your honour.

Rhayne said...

I've never met you but I've gotten to glimpse your life since I found your blog last year. I want to reach across the Atlantic and just give you a hug. You are such a strong woman and my heart breaks for you. *hugs*

Sandra Hall said...

Big hugs for you today. x x

Janet Banks said...

Could not make the weekend, it looks like you all had a fab time. Will hopefully make your next one!!

Angela Weimer said...

Dyan, Thank you for such a wonderful day on Sunday. It was simply spectacular and Belle and I had a great time.
Laying the ashes to rest is a very hard thing and you should not feel guilty. Your mom and dad would not want that. You were there and that is a big thing.
You are a wonderful and strong person as well as a super talented Mother, teacher and artist. Thanks again for being you! Angela

ForgedinPaper said...

The hard things make us appreciate the good things and the fact you carry them in your heart helps the pain. It's remembering you were loved even if the words weren't always said. Take care and I loved the photos of hat watch.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

snuggly lovies to you xx

Get those pictures of me off there - I look far too slim and Kate moss will be crying that I stole her stick-thiness

Diane said...

Looks like the weekend was a blast, Dyan. Thanks for all the fab photos to let us all share in the fun even if we weren't there in the flesh.

It must have been a very sad and hard to bear afternoon laying your Mum and Dad's ashes to rest but please don't feel guilty about checking out soon after the event - I would have done exactly the same and your parents would understand because they know and love you.
Diane x

Ann said...


Jude said...

Thinking of you Dyan. xx

Mrs Hedgehog said...

Sending hugs for what must have been a difficult day. You were there and that's all that matters doesn't matter you didn't stay.
Take care Lesley x

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