Monday, May 24, 2010

Miracle cure..!! " + EDIT "

* EDIT * Forgot to tell you all to go over to the Creschendo site and read the story of one of my ladies, the lovely Olive.

Busy, busy few days, with loads going on. I fell up the stairs the other day, yes I did say up!! I ended up with carpet burns on my knees..Now no sniggering, I can hear you..!!! Well I also cricked my back quite badly and struggled on Saturday at the class. I was doped up with painkillers, but we had a fabulous day.

Here we have a whole family. Vanessa, Valencia, Virginia and Mel.

Emma, Bee the birthday girl, Anne and Steff

Val, Virginia, Mel, Jude and Carole.

Ronnie, Anne Marie, and Sandra

Chris, Liz and Janet.

There was also Michelle, missing from the photos.

Janet baked some lovely buns (eaten before chance of pic, lol). These gorgeous muffins were made by Virginias hubby. Big thanks for that.

Look at the state of the

Sat night is usually a Northern Soul night, and this was no exception. I didnt really want to go as I was in agony, but I was the designated driver and didnt want to let them down, so I dosed myself up with painkillers and took the plunge. I painfully lowered myself into a chair and prepared to spend a miserable night without being able to dance to the music I love, Eventually I had to stand up and tentativley have a go. Amazingly I could dance with no pain, it was the sitting down and getting up that hurt. I was worried what I would be like the next day, but it had really eased. So there you go, just proves how good Northern Soul is it even helps cure bad backs..lmao

Another fab and completely messy day was had by all. We painted, sprayed, spritzed, stenciled, inked, masked, flicked, splattered, stamped amongst a background of laughing, eating, gossiping, eating, singing, eating, giggling and yes you,ve guessed it, more eating..!!! They were a fabulous crowd and a pleasure to have back to teach. Big thanks, of course, to Pam, Katie and Jay for all their help over the weekend.

We have just had probably the hottest weekend of the century, and we all struggled with it, so how come The Goddess and The Resident Bit of Glamour manage to look so effortlessly cool..???

The most gorgeous granddaughter in the world, ever, ever, ever...wasn,t very well today, so she stayed home with me, Yayy...!! She perked up as the day went on and we did some colouring.

I then made her do some chores, lol. You need to train them young these days..!!!

And then we went grocery shopping. She was quiet in the car and when I turned around the little monkey had my glasses on, lol.

Heres another journal page to show you from my ink only book. This is the background I showed you last week.

And this is the result.

The background is a combination of Distress inks and Adirondack colourwashes, embellished with doodling and Tim's butterfly.I added a Stampotique girly and finished it all off with my downloads

Theres a download class going on tomorrow, can't wait..woop woop..!!

Enjoy xx


Liz (Chubby Frog) said...

Just wanted to say thanks for a fab weekend of creativity, ideas, fun and laughter. I met some really lovely people, learned some great stuff and had a wonderful time - it doesn't really get much better :-)

Jude said...

Loved every single hot and sweaty second!! Thanks for letting us play, it was ace. xx

Michele said...

Wow! sounds like you had a great time, sorry to hear about your back though, at least now you know the cure. :)

I just LOVE your ink page. Love it! And that stamp is so darn cute, I need to get a couple of those. I've been eyeballing them recently, and now I keep seeing them pop up on everyone's sites. :) Lovely work!

Ann-Marie said...

Hi Dy, thank u sooooooo much for a great weekend, loved every bit of it, I wish I was still there making a mess and having fun. xxx

Valencia said...

We had an ace weekend from seeing all the old crowd from february, so lovely to see everyone back by the way and being taught by the delectable Dyan. Spending time with my wonderful sister to my girls catching up with the lovely Jude and playing with new stuff and loads of new ideas I cannot tell you how much we all enjoyed it Thankyou. xxx PS Hello to everyone who went and may read this ,you were all great company.

olive said...

You are surely welcome Dy.... your journalling classes and girls have changed my life..... Chris there again? she might as well move in! Your gorgeous girls look cool cos they are cool and young! As always loving the journalling. I must say I'm enjoying journalling in the bigger A4 size....... take care. Ciao xxx
just off to get my fix of Jacs in Sons of Anarchy..... lots of skin!!!

Virginia said...

Oh Dyan it was sheer bliss i tell you - the heat - well it was hot and warm but that didn't put any of us off we loved it from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, everybody was fantastic, I loved every moment and learnt soooooooooooooooooo much! I keep stroking my pages, I love the new studio and shop - beautiful I tell you! You are an awesome teacher and given me so many new tools for my kit bag love it love it love it - if anyone is unsure about these art journal weekends just go - open your mind and enjoy - you meet beautiful people and have the most fun ever!!!!!!!! I'm planning on spending some serious time tomorrow putting what I've learnt down on paper - lots and lots and lots of paper!



Kaz said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I aim to give you a run for your money one day!
Love the way you've made Karin look even more menacing with the head tilt! xx

Sandra Hall said...

Heat? Didn't notice it a jot darling - was having way too much fun! (slight exageration - it was hot - but the fun part made up for it!) Hope your back is better. If not, more dancing is needed - I tell you - you've gotta keep mobile with a bad back - just dance gently (hehehehe - that might be imposs for you!) x x

Angela Weimer said...

Looks like a another great workshop. Someday I will make it to one. Hope you feel back to 100% soon. These are some really adorable pictures you got. Love the one with the glasses. too cute! Love the journal too. enjoy the rest of your week. Angela and Belle
ps...I have some bags for you that the DH brought back with him(he only had a small suitcase and could only fit 12 but will get more in a few weeks when he goes back) I will drop them off soon as I can get out there.

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