Wednesday, May 19, 2010

background bonanza.....

Busy, busy day yesterday. It started with the exploring colour and texture workshop. The morning consisted of learning how to colour mix, applying the colour, swapping tags as in a round robin, working with others colour schemes and thinking on your feet!!  The afternoon consisted of painting, dripping, spraying, texture, collaging, sticking, writing, doodling and sucking blue lollipops..!!!!

Heres a glimpse at tomorrows workshop, using the fabby Stampotique stamps. You can make cool tags to your hearts content.  You can book here..

Then it was time for all my lovely little ones in the Tuesday kids class. This is Hope who is returning home to the USA shortly. Isn't her canvas gorgeous..??? She has made it as a leaving present for one of her friends shae has made whilst over here. How sweet is that??

The Resident bit of Glamour had a few hours spare and so I got her painting the sample wall. We decided to create a trompe L,oeil of display boards, instead of taking ours on and off all the time. I just need to do all the doodling and get the samples back up and it will look fantastic..!!!!

And then it was on to the Tues night class. Pat had been in  the day workshop and returned again at night. What we didn,t realise was it was her birthday..!!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pat, and thanks for choosing to spend it at mine.....

I ahven,t had a lot of time to get really creative, for creative's sake for a while now, so I spent a few hours prepping up some backgrounds in one of my Art Journals.

I had a brill time doing them and I almost don't want to add to them, lol. But they are done ready, so watch this space..!!!

Enjoy xx


Pat Crossland said...

What a b****y horrible photo Dyan....where else would I spend my birthday????

Unknown said...

A few hours, that would take me a week. The backgrounds are great. I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone at the moment, but haven't succeeded. Think I need to find time to get to one of your classes.

Unknown said...

Fabulous backgrounds!

Virginia said...

The backgrounds are glorious as always - just arrived home in a mental meltdown - can't wait til Friday - painting, enjoying having fun etc! Just need to survive slimming world tonight and work tomorrow and then I can go into my 100% creativity zone! Loving the wall - can't wait to see it filled with all your glorious crafting! Hugs

Paper Paradise said...

The workshops looking GREAT, and the backgrounds in your journal amaze me, AB FAB!!!!!!!! It's Gina's wedding on Saturday and Faye's five weeks later and I promise, I will be on a journalling class ASAP!!!!!!!! Glad all is well..... Sue and Paul x

Sandra Hall said...

Yay!!!!! yes and more yays!!!!- I am gearing up for the weekend and those gorgeous pages have me arty salivating! I am so looking forward to it I am setting off tomorrow! (Andy is coming with me and we're having a long weekend - he's going to the spa - I'm coming to yours!) See ya soon xxxxxxxxx

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