Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ooooh I,m a happy bunny today...

Oooooh finally the letterblock trays have arrived from 7gypsies...Yayyy. We have them in black

and in Brown

And these reciept holders are just too scrummy for words.

And we also saw the long awaited arrival of the Petit Carnet. I fell in love with these at CHA waaaaaaaay back in January. Luckily Tim Holtz had been given a full set (how jealous was I. ??) But I steeled myself to only think kind thoughts and was rewarded with him letting me have the choice of one. Mwah, I take back everything I have said about you, lol. Well for now anyway..!!!.. They are gorgeous little blank stitched journals, which come 2 to a set. There are 6 sets to choose from , but I wouldn,t leave it too long as they are flying out already..!!

I tried to acquire as many as I could, but I was spotted and wrestled to the ground. But not before I manage to snaffle this set, tee hee..!!

Talking of 7gypsies, I am just putting the finishing touches to Saturdays class , A Gypsy Adventure. It is really cool, a large book filled with pockets, tags, this, that , the other, and anything else that was in reach lol. I am real pleased with , so if you fancy a day at mine, playing, laughing, eating chocolate, and having fun, give us a ring to book on.

Thought I would just give you a little glimpse of the state of my desk (err actually desks..!!)

Yup thats right I have messed up 3 desks this afternoon, lmao.

On one of the clean desks are some beautiful lilies. They were a present from the lovely Katies Mum. One of these days we will get around to actually meeting each other..Ooooer..!!! I,m not sure if she is ready for me yet, lol.

Look at what else arrived today for me...Yayy new magazines for my Art Journaling (as if I need anymore to add to my collection, lol.) So I will be bidding you goodnight, switching the sky+ to back to back prison documentaries, grabbing my trusty Tim Holtz scissors and doing an extremely  accurate Edward Scissorhands impression...!!lmao..

Enjoy xx


Jude said...

PUH-LEEEAZZE keep a set of those lovely journals for me till a week Friday!??!?!?!?!? Not bothered about which set (...but I have been partial to an Eiffel Tower image now and again..!!) Love the printers trays too...I can feel my credit card groaning already..!! xx

Diane said...

You must be a SERIOUSLY happy bunny, Dyan, with all those goodies to play with - can't wait to see what you do with the letter block tray!
Diane x

Virginia said...

Ah yours as well Jude - they are all lush loving the book for your Saturday class - I've just got back into mini book heaven and it's sheer bliss I tell you! Looking forward to next Friday and can't wait to see your new 'home'! HOpe you're having a grand Friday!

Unknown said...

Wow those trays look great. Do you have a email list to join for class notifications?

Unknown said...

I love the 7 Gypsies book with all the pockets, etc. What a fun book to play with. Truly deserves a lot of cool stuff to fill it. Your workshops always sound like so much fun. If you ever get close enough when you are in the US, I will be sure and grab up a space.

Sandra Hall said...

Oh my. I daren't, just daren't let myself look online - the last bill hasn't arrived yet! This is how I'll justify getting my hands on a set of those journals...if there is a set left when I arrive, then its meant to be... (so Dy, hide one for me too!)

DGgirl said...

Hi Dyan

We truly are desk twins - and i'm d****d proud of it LOL!!!

Today's post just strengthens my resolve to make it down to you for a class. I'm told I could drive it in less than 4 hours!!

Love those journals.


Sarah Louise said...

Love the journals Dyan. Maybe i need to write about my crazy pregnancy hormones, might save on the dinner plates.

Siobhan Brignull said...

do you read the mags at all or just peruse and snip away to your hearts delight. Love the look of the receipt holders

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