Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bestest bestest day....

I have just spent the bestest day ever and it went like this.

watching cartoons
eating Cheerios
colouring in
blowing bubbles
digging for worms
riding on the digger
chasing spiders
meeting Jay and Emmi for lunch
buffet at Pizza Hut
choosing new Snap cards
chasing pigeons
browsing around Paperchase
pressie shopping at James Brindleys
feeding the birds with cake
looking around toy shops
buying a mahoosive Union Jack cushion
skipping back to the car
singing silly songs
playing the plastic guitar and pretending to be a pop star
eating the legs off a gingerbread man
seeing who could swing the highest
snuggly sticky kisses
waving bye bye
collapsing on sofa

Yes you guessed it....Maisie has been for the day, and she was mine, all mine,...heaven...

Now I need you all to hop over to Virginias BLOG . She was on the Art Journaling 2 weekend and has written the most fabulous ode. I don,t know how she remembered it all in the order it happened. Be warned, she is known as Little Miss War and Peace, so get yourself a cuppa, grab a seat, make yourself comfy and enjoy what she has written.

Enjoy xx

Ps Jude...thanks for the photos, your cardi is on its way with the umbrella stand. And just wait till you see the cushion I have just bought, its fabulous. I just know you're going to make me go get you one, lmao... Get your blog updated so that I can link you.!!!! xx


Jude said...

That sounds like a perfect day...SO excited about my umbrella stand (thanks for including my cardi!), intrigued to see your new cushion (I REALLY want the tattoo heart Jan Constantine one from JB's but will have to wait for my card to stop groaning first!), hope you liked all the photos and I am TRYING to get to the blog but it's just been one of those busy, busy weeks...will try my hardest later. xx

Virginia said...

I love your day - particularly the bit about skipping back to the car and the bit about chasing pigeons - that's my kind of day - and thank you for the link to my blog - I kept brief notes on Friday but the rest of it had to be put together from memory! LOL! Yes it did go on a little didn't it - hadn't realised that at the time LMAO!

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