Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New downloads are in the building......

Whey hey, they are here...Even more of my weird and wonderful downloads. They have just gone live on the website and are proving extremely popular. Seems that lots of you think the same weird way as me..Now that's a litle bit worrying isn't it?? lol.

The first 3 are legs because well to be honest you can never have enough legs, can you..??? There are legs for every occasion, with loads of my fave spots stripes and chunky boots...

Then there is a sheet of elements...some collage, dickie birds, hats and toadstools...

A random block alphabet for all those titles, all taken from my personal collection. It takes me hours collecting all of these, lol. There are 2 different styles of each letter and extra vowels.

A sheet of eclectic collage images, for you to play around with.

I have constantly been asked for large borders, so here they are... And yes I have included a long strip of vines for you.

And here's a cool selection of quirky phrases and quotes, in a selection of fonts and sizes. I have tried not to be too weird with my selection, lol. I will phase you in gradually.

All of the downloads can be bought direct from HERE

Remember they can be altered to any size and colour, black and white always looks stunning. I will be posting some examples as soon as I get them made, lol, and would love to see what you do with them... I will be holding a download challenge for you all, details later in the week..

Which leads me to the two hat winners from the weekend. Everyone did a brilliant job and I was amazed to see so many of you enter into the spirit of it all.  I still have mismatched painted nails and the dye ink is ingrained into the skin of my hands. I have the hands of a throwback from the psychaedelic sixties, lmao.

Any way overall prize had to go to Teresa who turned herself into a living hedge. It was amazing, she got up wrapped chicken wire around her head!!!, ventured into the garden with a pair of secataurs, trimmed a few bushes and stuck them in. Just like that..!!!, lol

And 2nd prize goes to the lovely Sandra who built her hat from a tower of Starbucks mugs. She had her husband Andy stalking people at their local cafe and purloining their cups, lol.  It was a masterpiece of construction lol.

Well done to both of you..

Well after the shock of writing a blog before midnight , I feel as though I should have a lie down, lol. But I still have the kids class to teach and then my regular Tues night ladies.  See you tomorrow

Enjoy xx


Kirsti said...

Downloads - FAB

Enjoy the rest of your week...xox

Jude said...

Love the downloads - very, very, very cool indeed. Congrats to the ladies with the hats - they are fabulous. xx

olive said...

well done to the winners...... loving the downloads will have to invest in this set too! Ciao

Virginia said...

I'm catching up - loving the look of the downloads and the hats are awesome - love both of them - and Sandra told me in person on Monday that she was stalking people in Starbucks!

Hope you're recovering from your hectic weekend!


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