Friday, December 11, 2009

Yup I know I'm in big trouble for not blogging, so I am going to make you all a priority over the weekend, honest.  Have to spend the day sorting out Mum's house as completion is any day now. Not looking forward to it as you can imagine and have been putting it off for ever, but today's the day..!!!
Didnt get to Lily Allen last night, the traffic on the motorway was soooooo bad, think there must have been an accident. After sitting in it for ages, I went off the idea and abndoned ship. But I did stick her on the Ipod and sang along very badly, much to James's disgust, lmao. Really want to get the Chrissy Decs out and sorted but I've got a really busy weekend. Snowman painting class tomorrow, and on Sunday it's my fave , Art Journaling... We are starting the Round Robin so get yourself there..Right gonna get my arse into gear and sieze the day..!!! Well mebbes I'll have a cuppa first, lmao.

See you later today,

Enjoy xx

PS. Mary - Notice the effort I made with apostrophes instead of commas, just for Come to class tomorrow if you want to do the sleigh..

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Virginia said...

Hun, thinking of you today! Sorry you didn't get to see Lily last night but glad you got in the spirit of things! All our decs are up and I'm having a day off to relax!



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