Sunday, December 20, 2009

So this is what you normal folks do on a weekend..!!!

Busy, busy, busy weekend in snowy Harrogate. Went into the shop for a couple of hours with The Goddess, to get any remaining parcels sorted. I went to pick her up at her and Jays apartment and have a cuppa. We all had a real girlie giggle whilst she was getting her face on, chatting about this and that. It was like old times when they where at home with me. Awwww...!!!  Their flat looks gorgeous, with all the Christmas decorations up.
Whilst at work I got a craving, so cooked bacon, mushroom and brown sauce butties when I got home. We then wrapped up and went for a long walk in the snow. How healthy are we..??? lmao. I then got the privelege of watching football on the telly, but soon made my excuses and caught up with some journaling....
We spent the night lounging and watching dvd's. Now you all know I love my Danny Dyer films and I had bought this one a while ago and never watched it. Well its just frikkin fabby dabby.

 Its called The Borstal Boy and it is a love story set in the second world war. It is based on the life story of the Irish Brendan Behan.
The film was actually made in 2000 when Dyer was unknown, and not released until 2008. It is a very poignant and powerful film about the bond of love, but be warned it is incredibly emotional. Heres a little overview of the story. Don't watch it if you want to see the film as it gives the ending away.

Today started off really lazily, we had intended to go boxing and do a good workout but neither of us could be arsed, lmao. Eventually we got our acts together and wandered into town. Now James is a TK Maxx devotee and is always telling me of the bargains. I meanwhile can think of nothing worse than having to rummage, and have called it Takky Makky's for years. So we had a challenge, if he could find me a fantastic bargain, and I mean fantastic, then I would be proved wrong. I was feeling really confident until he appeared at my side with these little beauties. WTF.!!!

Now how cool are these..??? They are Ed Hardy's, and I am in big lurve with them.

 So now, I, Angela Dyan Reaveley, do solemly declare that I eat my words, and officially love the place.

so I,m going to leave you with some of the finished journaling from earlier, I am on a roll and completed 6 pages altogether..!!! Not bad eh..??? Think I needed it to calm me down before the dreaded Meadowhall tomorrow, lol.

I,ve been practising my drawing again and really getting the hang of it now.

This one is all Sakura pens, and I did it in bed whilst he was sleeping..

And this one is no doubt how I will feel after shopping tomorrow..!!!

Enjoy xx



hi hun,
I am always looking at your blog trying to see the house!! in true changing rooms style I may need to re visit to see if you have changed anything!!!..hope you are ok see you very soon
Lisa T

Kirsti said...

Cool... I nearly bought those boots in TK MAxx the other day but they didn't have my hoo!!!

Love the journal pages... especially the one with the hair tearing little person - that is me most days of the week and especially on the run up to christmas...tee hee.. love Kirsti x

Unknown said...

I haven't commented on your blog for ages but have been reading avidly. I am so happy for you.. getting proper sleep, having fun, having a man in your life, enjoying things and not fretting about it too much.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year and I will see you in February.

Emma xx

olive said...

lurve the boots.... obviously got taste! have found a website called Bombshell Stamps in America. they sell stamps retro 40/50's pin up girls, tattoo style (skull cross bones etc).. thinking i may get some in the New Year. Have a good one. Ciao

Siobhan Brignull said...

aww arent they just the bestest boots, I am well jealous, I love TX maxx to fund my handbag addiction, avoid clothes but then I do that everywhere, member of gym now so next year will be the year I get my body back, hope its still there underneath its covering, LOL
just read comments gonna need that web address Olive

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