Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peace, if only for 5 mins

Well it's 6am and I,ve been awake since 3.30 tossing and turning..!!!!! But it is just a blip and I am not going to worry that it is old habits resurfacing. I have a lot on my nind, and as the day draws nearer I am getting more agitated. I am trying to be calm and just go with the flow, but it is obviously affecting us all. Luckily I had a fabulous day in the studio yesterday. Pam, The Goddess and me had the wonderful pleasure of 15 little cherubs. And no I am not being sarcastic!!!! They were beaut. When you think how near it is and how excited they are, we were expecting mischief and a riot, lol. But, no, they were a pleasure to teach and always sooooo funny with the things they come out with. Here they are proudly displaying their goodies.

Venita, Ellie, William and Freya.

Tom, Maisie, Ewan and India.

Serena, Sophie and Ella.

Serena, Imogen, Sarah and Andrew.

Dont they look proud..???

It is sooo quiet in the house, everyone is still asleep, even Maisie. I just love sitting with only the Christmas tree lights on, it always feels kind of magical...

Ha ha, forgot to show you my favourite ornament. Mum bought me this years ago and it always makes me smile.

Someday her Prince will come, I'm sure..!!!

Well I am going to go get some slap on now as me and Our Ben are going to brave the delights of Asda for all his gourmet ingredients needed for his Christmas lunch. If you never hear from me again I will probably be found jammed between two trolleys in the car park whilst trying to escape from the madness I just know will be occurring..!!!! lmao

Gonna leave you with my favourite Christmas song ever, ever, EVER......

Enjoy xx


Helen said...

Good luck in Asda. Have a very happy Christmas = I know you're going to find it tough - it's 3 years on Jan 3 that my Dad passed away, so am with you. Lots of love,

Kirsti said...

Oh wow... that is my most favourite song ever too...Hope Asda aint too bad...We are of round Tesco in a bit for some last minute bits and pieces...Take care, Kirsti x

Sue said...

Love the photos of the kids. They obviously had a whale of a time with you! Have a fantastic Christmas Dyan and I hope to see you in 2010!

olive said...

love ya Dyan..... just plant a smile whilst your shopping in ASDA.. just got through Tesco... on to baking cakes now. Have a great Christmas, think positive thoughts. Ciao.

PS love the kids... they look so thrilled with their makings!

thekathrynwheel said...

Just calling in to say, hope Christmas is ok for you - thinking of you X Wishing you a peaceful and artful new year :-)

Paper Paradise said...

Merry Christmas to you all. Love Sue and Paul x

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Well I hope you made it out the carpark alive, it's total madness out there. I've no idea why, lol. Have a happy Christmas and a good rest.

Luv Dee xxx

Anne Jagger said...

Happy Christmas Dyan and love to you and yours x x x x x

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