Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ladies, you did good...!!!!

Thats it, Techniques 2 is over, and what a laugh we have had... They have been a fabby bunch and it was sad to see them go.As you can see I worked them really hard..!!!!!

Ha ha Steph was actually drying out here not taking it easy.....

We finished off the Ultra thick techniques and worked our way through the Melt Pot. This is faux soldering.

And one of my faves, Beeswax techniques.

Here they are hard at work. Sarah, Sharon, Steff and Pam.

Steph, Anneliese and Sue.

We finished the day by making canvas's . Heres some of the finished ones.

Cool arent they...???

And as promised , here is the winner of the download challenge. Unfortunately I can't remember whose it is, oops, sorry about that. Please let me know and send me your address so I can get your prize out to you..

Thats it from me tonight. If you havent done so already hop over to Tim's blog and check out his 12 days of Christmas. He has excelled himself sooooo much this year. I will be doing some tags when his have finished so look out for them.

Enjoy xx


sam21ski said...

Looks like a fab weekend was had by all

Can't wait for your tags to start, have had soooooo much fun up to now doing T!m's and we are only half way there

Sam xxx

Virginia said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend, loving all those canvases absolutely gorgeous! Hope Monday greets you with a warm smile



SueC said...

Love the canvases - how big are they?? There's so much on them they could be huge but methinks they might only be 6 x 6 or even 4 x 4. Anyhow, they are lovely.
Congrats too, to the tag winner - its great

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Keep working them that hard, and you'll have to start paying them, lol.

Some fab projects and they all did very well indeed.

Check my blog Dyan, there's a couple of projects done with Blond moments goodies.

Luv Dee xxx

suzie said...

Thanks for a fab Ranger weekend Dyan!
We all had a great time and learn loads of new stuff. Really enjoyed using the colour washes and the beeswax!

Sue xx

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