Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just one more sleep..!!!

I think the world and his wife are blogging tonight as at the moment it wont let me upload more than three photos..Wtf..??? and as usual I have tons to show you. So we'll see what happens..

Yesterday was shopping hell. I set off at 7.30 to pick our Ben up to do the Christmas dinner shopping at Asda. The car park was heaving and it was a struggle to get parked. I then discovered I only had about £80 cash on me and Emmi had my cards...There was no way |I was losing my car park space, so we had to do the shopping whilst counting a running total, lol. I had also planned to go into town shopping so rang Emmi to drop the cards off for me. Town was heaving and I'm not very good with hordes of women shopping, but we accomplished what we had set out to do, so we set off back to Asda, to do the remainder of the shop. Big, BIG, mistake, it was trolley hell..We only bought wine and beer, but I could have brewed my own for the length of time we queued to pay. I almost lost the will to live..!!!!! I phoned James to tell him I was on my way home and that I was never, ever, leaving the house again, and he informed me it was 11.45 am. I had been out for 4 hrs.!!! But the best bit was, apparantly (and I can vaguely remember it now, lol) I had told him to get ready for the gym and I would be back about 9ish to give him a lift..!!! Ooooops

Of course tonight its Christmas Eve and we have all been busy, busy, busy...We had 8 inches of snow overnight and this morning which really slowed us down a bit, but I am all caught up now, thank goodness. The pressies are bought and wrapped, the stockings are filled, the house is tidy, Maisie is snoring, Tom is merry, James is sleeping next to me and I am blogging..!!! I am trying to eat a chocolate orange without making a mess and failing miserably, lmao
I went shopping with the girlies this afternoon for last minute things and then they came for tea. They had sneaked into the kitchen earlier to investigate what James was preparing. The minute they saw it was sausage casserole and yorkshire puddings, they gatecrashed the proceedings, lol. Maisie is sleeping over and she was a delight. Jay helped her write Santa a letter to put with the carrot and milk, and she spread Reindeer food all over the front garden. I wish it would let me show you the photos, cos they're gorgeous.. This is the only one of her that uploaded. She's playing on my Iphone. She can work it better than me, lol.

The only other photos were these three of my journal. Only a couple of pages left before New Year..

I would also like to say a big thankyou and a VERY Merry Christmas to all my blog followers, where ever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope it's a good one.  And remember, a journal is not just for Christmas, its for life....!!!!  lmao

Enjoy xx


Jude said...

Merry Christmas Dyan! Wishing you lots of love and happiness over the holidays. xxx

Kirsti said...

Merry Christmas Dy... Hope you had a fabulous day - we did!!! Ate too much, drank toomuch, need I say more...Love kirsti xxx

Oooh my wor verification is ' boxyzing' what a fab word....

olive said...

well it wasnt anything like that here..... your journalling is somewhat different for you? thank you so much for your designs for your AFTH gift vouchers.... loved mine. have a great time Dyan. love ya. your pink haired friend xxx

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