Thursday, December 10, 2009

One flew over....!!!

What...??  Noooo..!!! Cant be..???? How did that happen...???

Oops, seems its right, I havent blogged since Sunday. I am slapping my wrist extremely hard, Ben is tut, tutting at me, and the emails of complaint are piling up, lol.

Its this sleeping lark that is buggering things up, you know. 3 hrs sleep a night left plenty of time for blogging, twittering, Facebook, journaling etc...But now I am having at least 8 I am fast lagging behind.. Not sure what the solution is really..lmao....

But I have had an extremeley busy week as well. Heres some sneaks of a magazine article, way over due, surprise, surprise..!!!

Heres the Tues night tag.

Just look how the kids sleighs are coming on. How fab are they..???

Todays class is  bright Atc,s, and we are having a ball as usual.
These are made using images from .

And these are made using my Downloads.

Heres the girlies...Sue, Janet and Sandra.

Karen and Liz.

The gorgeous Sandra brought me a gorgeous gift. It is a hanging decoration in a box and I just love it. She is such a sweetie and I love her loads, especially when she uses my Chtistmas Papers, lmao..

Sooooo excited because at long last the new printers trays have arrived in the studio. They are flying out
again, so dont leave it too late..

These are the Atc trays. 

and these are the Photo trays..Both are available HERE

Ok need to fly, finish the class, sam it all up, fly home get changed and motor on down to Nottingham to see Lily Allen. Our Tom bought us tickets for Christmas and they just happened to fall on my busiest week, always the same yeah..?? 

Enjoy xx


Sue said...

Oh if I'd have known you were coming to Nottingham I could have given you tea!! Hope you enjoyed the gig and the journey wasn't too bad. Magazine article looks interesting. Am enjoying your downloads.

sam21ski said...

Enjoy xxxxx

claudine hellmuth said...

hey girly! I sent you a facebook message. i don't have your email.

Anonymous said...

such great work....

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott