Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cheer

Today was massive clean up day at home in readiness for ....wait for it.... Yayy the Chrissy decorations. James said he would help me get them down from the loft, ha ha . Half an hour later he couldnt believe we were still at it. I dont think hes seen that many decorations in his life, lmao. With that he made a quick exit to the gym and left me to it. A wise decision. These are just some of the boxes

Bare trees look horrible dont they..??

Yes they were originally lightbulbs..!!!



and more baubles.

I love dressing the tree, but I had really mixed feelings today. Every bauble holds so many memories, and the tears didnt seem to stop coming. Can,t decide if I,m looking forward to it or not. Its going to be so different this year. On the minus side theres no Mum and Dad, and the girlies , bless them, are going away. On the plus side, James is home and we have Maisie Christmas Eve..!!

Anyway heres how the house is looking now.

I love my hand painted baubles.

And I have a full set of these Gisella Graham dolly birds.

Maisie loves all these and spends hours talking to them, lol.

These stockings hold lots of memories and are draped across the window pole.

Guess what these are..

Yes they started life as wooden candlesticks.

And these are Ben,s favourite of the ornaments.

Wednesday is Christmas Craft Day, so if you are free come along and join us. Elaine the Baker is putting in an appearance so there will be loads of baking..Yayy...!!! And I will be singing along badly to carols all day, woop, woop. See you there.

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

Wow what a gorgeous home you have with all those fabulous decorations. Wish I could come on Wednesday but its my test day! Hope they will find out whats wrong with my ears :0) So looking forward to the journalling weekend not just to learn things from you, weep buckets and play with stuff all day but also to be with my fabby mates Bee and Emma and I do believe my Mate Michelle is coming too - another convert to the love of your work :0) Happy Christmas Dy xx Janet x

ForgedinPaper said...

Those dolly bird ornaments are lovely. That is some amount of boxes though. I think Maisie on Christmas Eve will be just what the doctor ordered, I bet she has it all planned all ready.

Anonymous said...

The house looks brilliant and the hand painted baubles are fantastic x Shell

Sandra Hall said...

Christmas decs look wonderful and merry and bright! Love the nativity scene and Ben's faves...
Got my AFTH parcel today.... it was like Christmas before Christmas, opening it up! Thanks Emmy - you're the best present wrapper! Happy christmas to you all x x x

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Yippee, another over the top decorator. I'm not the only one, how cool. Christmas just isn't Christmas without loads of decs everywhere. And what wonderful decs they are too.

Thanks for the Blogg mention earlier. I will forever look at my baubles and think of you.

Luv Dee xxx

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