Friday, November 6, 2009

Yayyyyy teaching in the South.

Well you,ve nagged, you've begged and pleaded, you've asked nicely and you've threatened me,
and I've finally cracked under the pressure. Sooooooo..... here goes....
I am coming to TEACH IN THE SOUTH.......!!! woop de frikkin woop... Hows about that then...???
See I do listen to you all, eventually...lmao
The lovely Amy from Willow Tree Crafts has asked me to teach at.....

Soooo... What is Scrapfever..?? It is a fabulous weekend retreat at Chesham in Buckinghamshire, and you can find all the details HERE.
You can book your spot and pay in 5 installments if you like. Please don't try and book with me, I have nothing to do with the organisation ( just as well eh..?? lol). I will be doing what I do best, just rocking up and teaching..lmao...
I thought we might make some pretty little layouts etc....Ha ha Will we eckerslike. We will be getting down and dirty with paints and inks and collage and mess and whatever else you all know me for. Expect to be worked hard in my classes, they are not for the faint hearted..!!! You will leave brimming with ideas that can be used in your artwork, your scrapbooks, altered books or your Art Journals. What we will also have is a good laugh, because enjoying yourselves is the most important thing. Techniques, techniques, techniques, is the name of the game... Don't worry if you have never been near inks, or are frightened by paint. I will lead you gently by the hand and then drag you kicking and screaming, through and out the other side. You know you want to..!!! its for your own good, lol. Its all lemon squeazy when you know the hints and tips, from beginners to more advanced adventurous souls.
So dont hang around too long, get this on your Christmas list as it is probably the only time in 2010 that I will be venturing your way. Reserve your place NOW and let the fun begin.

Now you know my addiction to the large glossies. Well I have just discovered a new one to me. Where did I find this little beauty..?? Was I scouring through the lifestyle section in W H Smiths where I occasionally come across the odd gem..?? Did I make a special trip through to Borders where I usually feed my habit...??? No I actually found it in my local little Post Office amongst the boxes of paperclips, the charity Christmas cards and the ubiquitous Airfix kit..!!!! It was sandwiched between a Peoples Friend and a dog eared copy of Yorkshire Life, lmao. I think they had probably been sent it by mistake and where glad to see someone actually buy it. She nearly fainted at the till when she scanned the price in, and did it twice as a precaution..!!
Anyway here's the little beauty I will be devouring when I finish posting this.

If like me you are addicted and are willing to own up to it (Sonia, thats you girlie..!!) then here is the link to the website HERE and the blog HERE
So more Art Journaling...

Enjoy xx

The designs and instructions on this blog are the copyright of Dylan and may not be used or reproduced without specific permission.


Unknown said...

Hope those down south know how lucky they are to get you teaching them :0) Thanks for the comments on FB. Am really looking forward to the journalling weekend - will bring extra tissues as Mum says my bladder is too close to my eyes so Im bound to need them LOL Janet x
Ohh ps have just sent your web addy to some more ladies for pearl pigment powders Embsay have run out there has been a real run on them since you did your demo x

suzyq said...

Hi Dy how you doin? I really love your journaling pages and especially those in your last couple of blogs. i also love all the little changes and new places to visit, guess what i've been doin for the last five hours. oops Lol. Is'nt that Mag gorgeous. Don't tell are Sarah cos i think a subscription would make a lovely stocking filler for Christmas, especially as she's not going to be with us.
So goin South? Does that mean if i ask nicely, with a cherry on the top you might come west?
Lots of love sue x

ForgedinPaper said...

Now I really am jealous, that mag is ace! Although there is hope if you found it in the local corner shop I might get it in the boonies otherwise £12 pounds it is then. The dress with the dollar print is fab. Some of those pages are screaming out to be cut and journaled. I'll watch this space will I.

Sandra Hall said...

Those Southerners will be in for a fabby treat!
Love your mermaidy journal pages...they have a wow factor!

SueC said...

You could have done that ...and breathe... page for me 'cos yesterday I needed it!! Am going to do a "and breathe" page for myself today.
Sue x
ps Chesham is 15 minutes from where I used to live when I lived in UK - how guttin' is that!!!

Kaz said...

Yaayyy, you're coming southwards. Booo it's not south enough LMAO! Bucks is still north to me. Oh well, maybe another time. xx

gayle said...

That class is sounding like a real challenge! Bet it will be great :)

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