Thursday, November 5, 2009


Oops, fell asleep last night with the laptop on my bed, so didn't get round to posting till now. Good job as well as it was full of spelling mistakes..!!!!
This is how tired I was, lol.

So here's yesterdays post....

I am finally starting to come round again now, bout buddy time as well..!!!lol Was still really under the weather till this morn, so hopefully got over the worst. But its only going to be short tonight. The kids class was fabulous, they are really getting the hang 0f it and their sleighs are going to look frikkin awesome...!!! Me and the Goddess (well more her than me, actually a lot more her than me,lol.) started tipping out at home, and at the Studio. She is a little trooper is Our Ems...

Decided to treat her and cook her a meal...Yes I did say meal.It was a little bit of Waggamamma's, but at Mamas house..!!! Ooh gotta love Sushi....
Finished the evening off, snugged on the sofa whilst watching yet another of my fave films.....

Cant believe the lovely Kenny had never seen it. WHAT..?? I know how bad is that, to me, the Queen of prison films..???? lol.

And more journaling..

I,ll try to stay more awake tonight. And I promise to finish putting the links of the blogs right.

Enjoy xx


Kerry said...

Shawshank Redemption is right up there on my list of fave movies, could watch it over and over again.

Laura (Faerielore) said...

glad your feeling better hun, how cute is that first piccie of the sleeping baby heheheehe. the dinner looks YUM and the journal pages are fab !!!! have a lovely weekend xxxxxxx

DGgirl said...


So glad you're starting to feel a bit brighter missus.

Shawshank - one of my top 5 films of all time - you're a woman of great taste!!!!!!!!!!

Take care

Gill the Lurker (Stirling)xxxxx

olive said...

great movie, the book was even better. hope you're feeling better in yourself... obviously you are on an uphill struggle to educate Kenny. Ciao xx

Kirsti said...

Not a big prison movie buff myself... love that page about christmas.. its so lovely thinking about Maisie and the next it...x

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