Saturday, November 7, 2009

How cold, this calls for furry knickers and long socks..

Well, it was certainly brass monkey weather today, wasn't it.?? Wardrobe remix is lets see how many layers we can fit on without looking too much like the Pilsbury dough guy What do you reckon..??

Spot the similarities..??, lol.

Exciting day today, The Goddess had a new tattoo done. It is in memory of my Mum and it reads.

" The song may have ended, but the memory stays on"

How lovely is that..?? I just love it on her and it made me all nattery for mine to be started
. I hate waiting, If I want something, I want it NOW...,lol

She also had her hair cut, and for the first time had a fringe cut in. I think it really suits her. Even though she is pulling a face..!!

I gave her my stern Mummy look and told her to look all grown up and sophisticated.... Think it went over her head, don't you..?

I seemed to spend most of the day with her waiting around. Luckily I had some Art Journaling supplies on me ( I know, what a shock..!!lmao)So the first 2 layouts I did in the tattooists. Neither of them are finished yet.

And this last one I did in the hairdressers.

Enjoy xx


SueC said...

love, love love those layouts - you should do more out and about I reckon as they are all just fabulouso!!! and as for Em's tattoo - gorgeous but OUCH!!!
Sue x

SueC said...

ps mornings and evenings here are slightly chilly but daytime is still t-shirt and cut-offs - can I tempt you out here???
Sue x

ForgedinPaper said...

Love the tattoo and new hair for the goddess. Wonder who she gets the funny faces from lol! On the topic of Wardrobe remix the thing about all those layers is you can hide all the flabby bits and then come April you get a hell of a shock.

Kirsti said...

Oh my... those pages as always are brilliant - I am falling waaay behind with my journalling challenge... might have some spare time after

Emm's tattoo is great - wish I had the courage!!!! and her hair is the fringe...x

gayle said...

What a great idea for a tattoo! Have been thinking about what I would have for my late grandparents, so hard to choose!
I love the colours on the journal pages, so beautiful! I especially liked the queueing people on the first page, and the shapes on the last one - fab!

Sandra Hall said...

Heyup Dy, have you got your furry knickers on today 'cos its bloomin' cold here! Journal pages are great...that 'go with the flow' one is the colours!

Siobhan Brignull said...

loving that Tattoo, and a cool hair cut too, I best not say she looks like you, should I. Love the layouts have done some new ones on my blog if you want to look, have a good week. Oh how much longer have you got to wait for your tattoo, I'm going to get one of mine extended, when Ive lost some weight, its like a prize, not anywhere near getting it though, LOL

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooh love the vintage images on your journal pages. Where are they from?! Cool. BTW layers are good, they hide the wobbly bits :-) It's bikinis I'm scared of!!! HA HA!

Anonymous said...

i just found your blog..
you do amazing journalwork girl!! i loved/,and was inspired ( going through your blog:-)
i'll be back!

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