Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another cool workshop today, Art Journaling. They really are a lovely bunch, its not like teaching a class, more like being with a bunch of mates. The lovely Christine brought me this bar of Galaxy. Methinks I might be using that idea for Xmas pressies, lol

The lovely Liz brought me a gorgeous bunch of my favourite Lillie's, which I forgot to take a photo of, sorry.

And the lovely Olive, not only brought a chocolate cake that, apparantly, was to die for. But she had made me a little pressie, and made the box it came in. Its a gorgeously fluffy , wind round and round scarf. It has handmade beads on each end, which she assures me are double stitched on to withstand my fiddling, lol.

The lovely Susie is not that cracking at the moment but still made the effort to drive 1 1/2 to get here. Although shes not good, she looked fantastic. I had to take a photo of her because she was shock/horror...!!! wearing a skirt. Oh yes, I kid you not.. And what a gorgeous skirt it is. In fact she can be todays wardrobe remix because I want everything shes wearing...!!! And, if I keep piling weight on and she keeps losing it, then they will shortly be mine. Yayy....

I set them all a challeng in the class. First of all they had to choose an image that they thought was suitable for journaling about. The twist was the image would be used by someone else!! Thay all picked images and then we drew names out of a hat to pair up images with people. We then got cracking and it was great. They ended up with pages they probably wouldnt have contemplated, and they did some cracking work. Well done all of you. I joined in as well, and I received 4 images of Rita Hayworth. Well the word glamour instantly came to mind and so thats what I based the page on. I applied acrylic paints, laid a Tim Holtz music mask over the top and added ink, to create a masked effect.
A hand doodled checker board was applied around the edges anmd the images added. The journaling goes around the border, but I feel I muight go back and add to this later. I,m not really good with leaving space....My OCD kicks in and I have an urge to fill it with doodling, lol

And I need to show you this, that I did in the early hours of this morning..!!!I just love how it turned out, and its one of those that I wished I had immortalised it on a canvas. Never mind, I,m sure it will bring a smile to your face.

See you later chickies
Enjoy xx


Virginia said...

Ooh Dyan I'm not surprised you wish you'd immortalised it on canvas it's gorgeous and I love the quote you've used! It looks like you had great fun in the class as well!

Hope you have a fabulous Monday


thekathrynwheel said...

Sorry I missed the journaling class (again) - a little overwhelmed with work and kids at the moment! Looks like you all had a fab day. Love your journal pages - the dog is a hoot!

Sandra Hall said...

Hiya Dyan - I just want to touch your journal pages! I know it sounds daft but they are so REAL - in content - yes but also the style, the colours, the images... just fabulous! See ya soon! x

Chris Steer said...

Just love the journalling pages - I'm tempted to indulge in your newby art journalling weekend but keep talking myself out of it - much too many other crafty things to complete - can wait for Saturdays tag day

Hugs from Chris xx

olive said...

had a stupendous day Dyan, i'm thrilled you like your pressie, every stitch knitted with love as was the cake. Still working on my page, lots more doodles, white pen etc. Girls were great fun...... see you soon. Keep the faith. Ciao.

PS You are an amazing human being!

Kirsti said...

Looove the doggie....x

The Scrappy Tree said...

Seriously glam! She's fab, isn't she!

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