Friday, November 20, 2009

Ephemera excitement

Thought I would start you off with a little quiz. You have to guess who this is..??? He,d just had his first haircut, so was minus his long blond curls..!!!

Did you guess..??? Yup its my baby...Our Ben. It is his birthday today. 27yrs old...!!!! Amazing isn't it. How am I Mum to a 27yr old..??? lmao. He doesn't usually look like this, but him and his mates from the Rugby club are all raising money for Cancer, an they are doing Movember..!! Which basically they all have to grow facial hair and then shave it to just leave a shaped moustache. I personally cant wait till he gets rid of it, lol, but I admire the fact it is all for a good cause. Happy birthday Babe..Mwah xx

Its also Children in Need tonight, and this is whats going on at our house.

Well I have to say, you have astounded me with the purchasing of my Collage digital downloads. They have been a MASSIVE hit..!!! The computer is nearly exploding from all the attaching and mailing...!!! Mind you Our Ems loves it, cos its a damn sight quicker than all the pretty parcel wrapping I have her doing, lmao...I have been having life with them. Is it wrong to love your own creation..?? Cos I'm sticking them on everything, lol. Last night I was running out of ink on my printer so I switched it all to black and white, and I frikkin love them. Try it yourselves... Everything on the tags are from the collage sheets, apart from one stray scrap that sneaked in. Oh and the doodling of course..

They are made especially for all of you who said, "but we don't do weird stuff, Dyan" . I don't think these are too weird, do you..???
You can find all the downloads HERE
Here's the finished journal page from the sheets.

Here's a sneak of a project in the making. Oooh is that new designs I can spy..????? I would tell you but then I would have to kill you... And if Ben asks , you know noooothink.!!! lmao.

Cool, yeah..??? The wooden sledge is about 20 in tall and all the designs are from the new downloads....See you can add journaling principles to any item, if you're adventurous...

Okay, I,m going to play (sorry, work extremely hard) some more whilst indulging myself in Ginger Nuts and back to back Wire in the Blood...

Enjoy xx


The Scrappy Tree said...

Cute pics of the kids LOL, has your oldest risen up in protest at his little face appearing here? ;) Happy birthday to him anyway!

The black and white works really well, i am trying it more in the photos I use lately and loving it!

ForgedinPaper said...

Love the black and white images away to have a play with them next I think. I have been doing my homework miss and had a bash at the tag challenge and have used some of the others in my journal pages. They are here
Thanks for the inspiration.

Kirsti said...

I am having horrible printer problems at the mo so I can't print them of... My new wireless printer has suddenly decided not to talk to my laptop and is stubbornly refusing any contact... NOT HAPPY!!!! Love what you have done with them...

PS - I love Wire in the Blood...x

patcrafts said...

Happy Birthday to Ben, he looks so cute, I mean as a baby. Would agree with you Dyan I'm not keen on facial hair either but it's all in a good cause. I have put my competition Tag on my blog if you would like to take it, I can't remember how to e-mail it will have to ask the girls.
Hugs Pat x

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Ben! He has a double - I spent a long half day at Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in Sheffield on Thursday, and this man walked through the door and I nearly shouted Hi Ben. I kept smiling at him with no response - then a nurse called his name Ooops - but he was the spittin' image. Have a great day all of you. Derbyshire Ann x

Virginia said...

Argh - our printer's broken - dead - none starter - makes all sorts of noises and makes it look like it's going to do something and then comes up with the message "your ink cartridge is full" - what kind of message is that - so want to drop kick it out of the window - so will have to wait for digital downloads until we've got it mended - loving the versatility of it - they look cool!

olive said...

of course we loved your downloads... who wouldn't, love them in black & white they are fab. just to let you know i have made an ATC for Michelle and will post this week. Love you madly !!!!!!!........ Ciao

PS Ben looks so cute.. mine is 26, time flies...

Lesley Edmonds said...

Loving the black and white!!! Works really well.
Lesley x

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