Monday, May 25, 2009

Show and Tell

I received a lovely email from one of the ladies from the Saturday beeswax workshop and I thought I would show you it.

Hi Dyan, Just a quick note to say thank you for a truly inspirational day, I really enjoyed myself, loved the music, and the pace of the day, the time flew faster than ever. I hope that I can get to more of your workshops in the near future.

I also had a great time shopping too !!! and have put some of my new goodies to good use today, attached is a photo of an A3 size canvas that I have completed today using my Studio paints, grunge paper and the photos I took on Saturday, you will also see that the packaging from one of your fab parcels has been recycled. As you can see it has been inspired by the some of the colours we used on Saturday, and in some part the heart canvases that you showed us, I have had this canvas lying around for ages waiting for inspiration and this morning I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted to do.

I hope you like it, Thank you once again, hope to see you soon.

Bye for now. Barbara (Bee)

And here is a pic of her fabulous canvas.

Fab isn't it, I love it when you send me pics of work you,ve done.

Been making samples again all day today, in between, shimmying, dancing, boogieing, strutting my stuff and shaking my tail feathers. Here's some sneaks.

Of course I am miles behind as usual, but then I don't want to spoil the tradition do I..??
Gonna leave you tonight with one of my fave Northern Soul clips. Just love this..
Ha ha yes Kirsty... I,ve finally mastered it, there will be no stopping me now, bringing my Northern to the rest of the world, he he he...
Why have I got this massive space here...?????

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

Wow loving Bees canvas! I have the priviledge of knowing and crafting with Bee even though she is sooo far away :0) She is the reason for me getting into atcs!
The ATC meet went really well. We raised £135ish (still trickling in) I did a write up on my blog and links to your shop x Everyone loved your mini book and fabby papers and powders. Thanks so much you kind lady :0)
See you Firday with meghan - we have got to be creative about getting to and from Harrogate as i am not allowed to drive at the moment - so we shall be there a bit early hope thats ok? Janet x

Paper Paradise said...

Bee certainly didn't waste any time creating her lovely canvas. I could tell she was inspired at the workshop, we Grimsby girls have never known her so QUIET!!!!!!! (lol). It was a great day and I'm sure we will be back soon.
Sue x

The Crafts House said...

..lloooovvee the Northern soul video..takes me back to Madisons/Newcastle..a short while ago!!yeah right!

Chris said...

Thank goodness the boss is out so I was able to watch the vid (with my mouse hovering over the mute button!) LOL Hey, brings back memories - my brother is good at NS dancing, he does all the spins and drops.

Love Bee's canvas. She's done a wonderful job.

Katy said...

Love the canvas, and you sneaky peeks look fabulous :)

*note to self* must book onto one of your workshops :)

Eileen said...

couldn't spot you on the video Dyan. Are you doing a workshop on it??

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh yeah, I can just imagine you dancing around the workshop just like that! Kate :-)

Dylan said...

Hey Eileen thats a cool idea. A workshop learning Northern soul dancing. The concrete floor in my studio is ace for dancing on. I,ll sign you up for it now, lol.

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Love the canvas, what a tallented lady:-)
The video is great, was never sure what you meant about northern soul music.I had never heard of it. I really like it.
Any suggestions of what Cd's to buy for a newbie.
No wonder you have such a great figure if you are always dancing like that. :-))
Michelle xx

Dylan said...

woop woop Michelle,another convert,thats what we like. Cds are quite hard to come by. Go onto You tube and type in Northern Soul and loads will come up. I buy a lot from Amazon as well but you need to know what your looking for really. If I get time (!!!!!) I will burn some for ya, but you wilol need to nag me cos I,m rubbish, lol. 20 mins of that in the studio on a morn sets me up for the day,lmao xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

wow, being a northern soul virgin, From down south, so no hope for me realy, wondered what the northern sould is that you talk about constantly, am pleasantly surprised suprisingly catchy, thanks for the intro

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