Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well I have good news and I have bad news. Which shall I go with first, hmmmm let me think. Ok we'll go with the BAD.

I , being the natural blonde that I am...!!!!!!! got the dates wrong for the online preview of the next lot of workshops. I said Sunday---WRONG--- after being severely reprimanded by Ben, for not listening (who me..??? where does he get that from..??, lol) Anyway the upshot is that classes will be released online on Tuesday 2nd June. WHAT!!! is it June next week ..?? Oh crikey moses, whats going on this year..?? So I REPEAT , STUDIO preview is Sat 30th may 10.30 - 4pm. ONLINE preview is Tues 2nd June. Got that..?? Good.. 10% discount applies, Sat in the studio and Tues online. Don't leave it too late either, because you were disappointed when we had sell outs last time and you don't want to miss out , do you?

so to the GOOD news. Most of the workshops are nearly done..YAYYS.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I know you are all stunned, but between shaking my tail feathers around my landing to my Northern and leaving trails of snotty teary snivel all over bezzie Su, I have in fact,been working my cute little butt off, lmao.

Now don't go all giddy on me. I didn't say all, I said MOST. and I didn't say finished, I said NEARLY DONE..... so I am rewarding myself with gluten free Ginger nuts, a banana and some Sainsbury,s fiery ginger beer. You see, I haven't lost it in my old age, I still know how to live it up. woop woop...

Right I am going to leave you tonight with another fave video clip from Wigan Casino. This one is from 1972 and I just blooming lurve it. I didn't start going till 1976, but it was exactly the same. I only have to watch the video and I am transported back to the sounds, the smells (oof not nice) and the sweat... ( hence the smells). Those were the days...!!!

Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Another great video.
I was tired just watching it.
Where did these people get the energy from.
All I can say is fair play to you Girl!!!! :-)
I'm going to have a lie down now.
Michelle xx

Dylan said...

Ha ha that video is from Wigan. It opened at 12.30 am and we danced till 8am. then we sat in the swimming baths till it was time for our trains home. Sometimes we went straight from there to a dayer at cleethorpes as well. It would kill me now, but would love to have a go. Still go to dos but only for bout 5hrs then my old legs give in, lmao. xx

Sandra Hall said...

Wish I could dance like I used to too! I used to dance all night in Mr M's (otherwise known as the oldies room) and that was the music not the people! I'm loving this walk down memory lane Dy - now that is showing my age...
Big old soulie hug x x

Paper Paradise said...

Lovin the clips Dy. Were the all dayers at the Winter Gardens, if they were, I would have been there! Looking forward to Tuesday workshop releases as we had such a good day last Saturday.
Sue x

Dylan said...

Ha ha yes Sue, it was the Winter Gardens. It was one of my fave venues. I went to the last one ever there about 5 years ago, so sad. How funny I night have seen you over 30 yrs ago. And Sandy, love you too. I,m gonna come to Draks soon, honest. xx

Chris said...

Just had to pause Landslide to watch the vid. LOL

Looking forward to the classes news on Tuesday. Hope I can make it to one.

Paper Paradise said...

That's amazing! It was a great place but was demolished last about two years ago and is just bare land now. Such a shame.
Have a great preview day. Us Grimsby Girls will be looking on line on Tuesday so see you soon.
Sue x

Unknown said...

Hi Dy I have put some pics of the meet on my blog thanks so much for yesterday I love my memories frame - thats on my blog too!

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