Monday, December 13, 2010


I have been trying for the last 90 mins to do this post but the server keeps rejecting all my pics  !! How frikkin annoying is that..?? Especiallyt when I have been on the missing blog posters list for the last 6 days, lol. I have sooooo much to tell and show you. I have been chasing my tail around, teaching, prepping, adventing, prev iew preparing, Fabby Dabbying, kitting, inking, painting, playing... Tonight I final get a breathing window and Blogger is playing silly buggers. No pictures, no links, no likey.!!
Ah well I'll try again tomorrow

Enjoy xx


Sandra Hall said...

Aha! So all does not run smoothly for you too with blogger. Missed you though. x x x

Paper Paradise said...

You never fail to raise a chuckle!!!!!!!! x

Sarah Louise said...

I thought mine was playing up in protest as its very neglegted since the babe arrived. i have been posting pics one at a time as it wont let me bulk upload!!!

hope it works for you soon

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